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The Coconut Cup

Coconut cup

Mr Campbell regularly finds ‘unusual’ items to add to our inventory. When I heard we had a new addition to our collection of cups I was excited to see what this unique find may be. I was not left disappointed. The new addition is not a regular silver cup…… it’s a coconut cup!

That’s correct, we now have a coconut cup as part of our diverse inventory. So what is it and how should it be used?

What is the Coconut Cup?

The coconut cup was a Western European creation, which was introduced to our tables in the 15th and 16th Centuries as a variety of standing cup. For those who aren’t aware, a standing cup is a tall goblet style cup frequently accompanied by a cover.

The standing cup has developed over time, progressing from the perceived, simple combination of a wooden bowl with a cover to the more glamorous cups of late which may be made from coconut or ostrich egg with a silver mount.

I am hoping Mr Campbell will find an ostrich egg cup next (challenge on…). I located this fine example on the British Museum website and I have to say it is rather impressive…

View the cup here

What do you think?

Medical Properties of the Coconut Cup

It was believed that the shell of the coconut would act as a natural defence against poison. The shell’s shape and scarcity of the commodity enabled the wealthy to mount the shells in precious metals to allow them to be used as respectable and highly treasured drinking vessels.

What would you use this impressive coconut cup for? Would you present this to someone worthy of a special award or trophy? Use the cup to drink from in the hope it really does act as a medical antidote?……Or would you simply fill it with wine and enjoy the experience?

If you want to view more information on AC Silver’s coconut cup simply click the image above or view here

Gemma Tubbrit

Gemma TubbritOnline Marketing Manager

Mini Bio: Gemma has many years experience in online marketing and social media. More recently she has focussed her skills within the more specialised jewellery and antique silver industries.

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