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Bethany Massey

Bethany Massey

Bethany Massey is much like a dragon. She is scaly, mystical, and has a deep, unbridled desire for treasure. She feels the compulsion within her to find precious things, particularly shiny and beautiful items. By the time she finished university – having graduated with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing – she could control herself no longer. She found her way to AC Silver and threatened to take every glistening gem they had. Instead, they made her an offer: she could look at their stock all she wanted [maybe even try a ring on now and then] if she wrote blogs for them and helped manage their online presence. Eagerly, Bethany agreed, and now spends her days writing, eyeing up antique silverware and jewellery with a scaly glint in her eye, and referring to herself in the third person.

Modern Silver and Antique Silver

Modern Silver and Antique Silver Despite specialising in antique silver, we understand that there is space for both antique and modern silverware in the home. Some people have a strict preference for antique silverware, valuing the history and craftsmanship behind the piece. Others prefer modern silverware, with the value being placed in the fact that they are the original owner […]     
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Andrew Campbell started trading in Antique Silver in the 1970's. Initially, Andrew lived in the South of England, travelling the country, searching for items of silver to buy. Andrew sold these items at various London markets and antique fairs. Over time, and through selling at a range of venues, Andrew built up a large and diverse customer base from private buyers to national and international trade customers.
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