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Antique Newcastle Silver

One of the earliest records of the existence of goldsmiths and silversmiths in Newcastle Upon Tyne dates from the 13th century when appointments were made to the post of assayers of money at the Newcastle mint, recorded in 1249.

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Newcastle Guild of Handicrafts

In the 14th century five Newcastle goldsmiths/silversmiths combined with local pewterers, plumbers, glaziers and painters to form a craft guild, receiving their company charter in 1536.

Maker's Marks

Goldsmiths in the second half of the 17th century used as many as three punches:


  • A maker's mark consisting of his initials sometimes accompanied by a motif based on the shop sign
  • A town mark expressed by one or three castles
  • A third emblem, also derived from the shop sign


In 1739 the Plate Offences Act ordered all old maker's marks to be destroyed and new ones made with lettering of a different style, the same mark to be used whichever the standard of silver.

Newcastle Assay Office(1702-1884)

The provincial assay office at Newcastle was established in 1702. Local goldsmiths and silversmiths had to register their private marks with the office and all items of silver had to be assayed and marked with the three castles of the town arms and other marks prescribed by the Britannia Silver Standard Act, or the later Wrought Plate Act of 1719.

In 1784 an act was passed reintroducing a direct tax on plate. This required an additional mark, the sovereign's head, had to be stamped on each piece to indicate that duty had been paid.

Due to internal wranglings, and a steady decline in the production of silver pieces, the assay office at Newcastle was closed in 1884, and items due to be assayed were sent to London, Sheffield or Birmingham.

antique newcastle silver
antique newcastle silver
antique newcastle silver
antique newcastle silver

Goldsmiths and Silversmiths registered with Newcastle Assay Office

See information page on 'Popular Newcastle goldsmiths and silversmiths' for further information on the more prominent makers.


Alder, Cuthbert Gibson Alder and Son, Blyth

Ashworth, Mercy, Durham


Baily, Samuel, Newcastle

Bainbridge, Jonathan, Durham

Baker, Valentine, Newcastle

Balderson, William

Banks, John

Barrett, John, Sunderland

Bartlet, Philip, Newcastle

Batty, Francis I, Newcastle

Batty, Francis II, Newcastle

Bayrheed, William, Durham

Beatch, Patrick, Newcastle

Beckett, Mann, Durham

Beilby, William, Durham

Bell, James,Newcastle

Bell, Margaret, Newcastle

Bentley, John, Stockton

Bilton, Eli I, Newcastle

Breckenridge, Hugh

Brock, James, Whitehaven

Brown, John, Carlisle

Buckle, Joseph, York

Buckle, Stephen, York

Bulman, George, Newcastle

Buxton, William, Bishop Auckland

Buxton, John Moresby, Bishop Auckland


Cameron, Alexander, Dundee

Campbell, Alexander, Newcastle

Carnaby, John, Newcastle

Cook, John, Newcastle

Cookson, Isaac, Newcastle

Cox, George Curling, Whitehaven

Crawford, James, Newcastle

Crawford, Sarah, Newcasdtle

Crawford, David, Newcastle

Cumberledge, James


Dalton, William, Newcastle

Darling, David, Newcastle

Davis, Elias, North Shields

Deas, John

Dinsdale, Christopher I, Newcastle and Sunderland

Dinsdale, Christopher II, Newcastle

Dinsdale, James Knight, Newcastle

Dinsdale, Cuthbert, Newcastle

Dowthwaite, John, Newcastle

Dowthwaite, Susanna, Newcastle

Dryden, Benjamin, Newcastle

Duncan, Richard, Carlisle


Edwards, Henry, Newcastle


Fearney, John, Sunderland

Ferguson, Hugh, Carlisle

Floate, Augustin, Gateshead

Foster, James, Newcastle

French, Jonathan


Gillson, Robert, Sunderland

Gladwin, Thomas, Stockton

Gowland, Clement I, Bishop Wearmouth

Gowland, Clement II, Bishop Wearmouth

Gowland, George Hay, Bishop Wearmouth and London


Hamer, Abraham, Newcastle

Hamilton, James, Newcastle

Hedley, Anthony, York and Durham

Hedley, Jane, Durham

Hetherington, James, Newcastle

Hewitt, John, Gateshead and Durham

Hewitson, Thomas I

Hobbs, Richard, Newcastle

Huntington, Thomas, Carlisle

Hutchinson, John, Durham


Jacobs, Joseph, Newcastle

Jacobs, Israel, Newcastle

James, Samuel, Newcastle

James, Peter, Newcastle

Jobson, John, Newcastle

Joel, Trytle, Newcastle

Joel, Simeon, Newcastle

Joel, Maurice, Newcastle


Kelty, Alexander, Newcastle

Kirkup, James, Newcastle

Kirkup, John, Newcastle


Lamb, James, Whitehaven

Lambert, Peter, Berwick Upon Tweed

Langlands, John I, Newcastle

Langlands, John II, Newcastle

Langlands, Dorothy, Newcastle

Langwith, John, York

Latimer, Joseph M., Carlisle

Lewis, George Samuel, Newcastle

Lister, William I, Newcastle

Lister, William II, Newcastle

Lister, Clement, Newcastle

Lowe, John, Carlisle

Lucke, William, Newcastle


Makepeace, Robert, Newcastle

Makepeace, Thomas, Newcastle

Martin, Jonathan, Durham

McDuff, Robert

Mitchell, John, Bishop Wearmouth

Mitchison, John, Newcastle

Murray, George, Newcastle


Ord, Matthew, Hexham

Oswald, Robert, Durham


Partis, Thomas I, Sunderland

Partis, Thomas II, Sunderland

Partis, William, Newcastle

Pedrone, Leo, Carlisle

Pinkney, Robert I, Newcastle


Ramsay, William I, Newcastle

Ramsay, William II, Newcastle

Ramsay, Margaret, Newcastle

Ramsay, John, Newcastle

Reid, Christian Ker I, Newcastle

Reid, David I, Newcastle

Reid, Christian Bruce, Newcastle

Reid, Christian John, Newcastle

Rippon, Robert I, Newcastle

Robertson, John I, Newcastle

Robertson, Ann, Newcastle

Robertson, John II, Newcastle

Robinson, William I

Robinson, William II

Robinson, Thomas I, Gateshead

Ross, Thomas, Carlsile

Ross, Michael, Carlisle

Roy, John, Carlisle

Roy, William, Carlisle


Scott, Robert II, Newcastle

Sewell, Thomas I, Newcastle

Shaw, Nathaniel, Newcastle

Sherwin, William, Durham

Shrive, Robert, Newcastle

Simpson, Anthony

Sollomon, Francis, Whitehaven

Somerville, Francis II, Newcastle

Stalker, William, Newcastle

Stodart, Thomas I, Newcastle

Stodart, John, Newcastle

Sutter, John


Talbot, Alfred Yarrow, Crook

Telford, John I, Carlisle and Wigton

Telford, John II, Wigton

Thompson, John I, Durham

Thompson, Samuel II, Durham

Thompson, Jane, Durham

Thompson, John II, Sunderland

Thompson, James, Darlington


Waller, John, Whitehaven

Walton, John, Newcastle

Watson, Thomas, Newcastle

Weddell, George, London and Newcastle

Wheatley, Thomas,Carlisle

Wheatley, James Atkinson, Carlisle

White, John Holmes, Newcastle

Whitfield, William, Newcastle

Wilkinson, John I

Wilkinson, William, Sunderland

Williamson, William, Whitehaven

Wilson, Robert, Newcastle

Wright, John, Newcastle


Young, Mary Anne, Newcastle

Young, Oliver, Newcastle

Younghusband, John I, Newcastle

Andrew Campbell started trading in antiques during the 1970s. Initially, Andrew lived in the South of England, travelling the country, searching for items of silver to buy. Andrew sold these items at various London markets and antique fairs. Over time, and through selling at a range of venues, Andrew built up a large and diverse customer base from private buyers to national and international trade customers.
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