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Sterling Silver Loving Cup

Irish Sterling Silver Loving Cup - Antique Circa 1760

An exceptional, fine and impressive, rare antique Irish sterling silver loving cup, made in Cork by George Hodder; an addition to our ornamental silverware collection

SKU C1216


This exceptional antique Irish sterling silver loving cup has a plain bell shaped form to a circular domed, spreading foot.

The surface of this silver cup is encircled with a plain applied girdle below a bright cut engraved coat of arms and motto 'Nec Timfo Nec Sperno' - I Neither Fear Nor Despise to one side, in addition to a crest depicting a stag's head to the other.

This impressive Irish silver cup is fitted with a pair of cast sterling silver scrolling handles, each ornamented with an elevated spiralling handpiece and bifurcating lower terminals.

The circular domed foot of the cup is encircled with further plain applied ornamentation.

This exceptional and rare sterling silver loving cup has a fine colour and patination*

Such exceptional examples of provincial Irish, Cork silverware are becoming increasingly difficult to locate.

* Patination or Patina is a subtle colouration or tarnish which forms on the surface of some metals, produced by oxidation or other chemical processes. A good patina proffers an aesthetically pleasing look.

This antique silver loving cup is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptional quality and in exceptional condition.

The bright cut engraved heraldic markings are very crisp.

Full provincial Irish hallmarks, comprised of the purity and maker's mark struck to the surface of the cup are all very clear.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this piece of antique silverware.

Length across handles 22.5cm/8.9"

Width 14.1cm/5.6"

Height 19.7cm/7.8"

22 troy ounces/685g

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