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January Birthstone Jewellery Gifts - Garnet

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January birthstone jewellery gifts

For those born in January and anyone else who feels a particular affinity towards this gemstone, pieces of garnet jewellery make wonderful gifts. If you're unsure what to choose for a January birthday present, opting for a piece featuring this birthstone is an excellent choice as garnets promise to bring the receiver happiness and good luck.

From radiant garnet rings to antique necklaces set with the deep red, fiery stone, we have a wide variety of jewellery options if you're shopping for a January birthstone. Discover our garnet brooches to find the perfect talisman for your travels, or find a romantic gift that will show your loved one how you truly feel and bring luck and happiness to your relationship.

January birthstone meaning

Throughout history, garnets have become symbolic of a safe return from travels. It is believed that Noah hung a garnet to illuminate the darkness around his ark and to guide the vessel to safety, and garnets were also favoured during the Crusades, as they promised to ensure a safe return for those fighting. Because of this, the precious stone has been gifted to loved ones over the centuries to protect the wearer when travelling and ensure their safe return.

Garnets are also famed for their romantic qualities, so if you're shopping for your partner, these gems would be wonderful January birthdays gifts for her or him. The beautiful deep red stone represents love and passion, especially for those who are far apart. If you're in a long-distance relationship, or your partner is soon to be embarking on a long trip, a piece of garnet jewellery will bring luck to the relationship and signify a passionate romance.

As well as encouraging success in your travels and your love life, garnet jewellery is also said to bring prosperity in the realm of business. The stone is said to attract people to the wearer and encourage heightened levels of self-confidence and creativity. If your partner is planning to embark on a business trip, a piece of garnet jewellery would be the perfect parting gift in all respects.

Garnets in jewellery

Garnets have been used in jewellery, and other products, as far back as the history books go. The Romans, for example, favoured garnet and believed that the gemstone symbolised wealth and status. During this period, garnets were cut into cameos and intaglios depicting classical figures and deities.

The Anglo Saxons also incorporated a lot of garnet into their attire. In particular, domed or faceted garnets were used to embellish Anglo Saxon brooches, buckles, and pendants.

It wasn't until the late 18th and early 19th century, however, that we really saw the golden age of the garnet. During this era, foiling the stones became a popular technique which allowed to stones to glow even more brightly in the flickering candlelight.

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