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May Birthstone Jewellery Gifts - Emerald

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May birthstone jewellery gifts

Emerald birthstone gifts are an excellent option. For anyone born in May, a piece of jewellery featuring a stunning antique emerald would be perfect. Whether you're looking for a May birthday necklace, an emerald ring, or May birthstone earrings we have something ideal for you within our collections here at AC Silver.

If May is your birth month, you're lucky enough to be able to call the exquisite emerald your birthstone! The emerald is a gem that truly makes a statement and catches attention. Favoured for striking red carpet looks, this gemstone is bold and beautiful. The emerald's brilliant green colour makes this gem perfectly fitting as the birthstone for the heart of spring. Revitalising and refreshing, a sparkling emerald would be fabulous if you're searching for ideas for May birthday presents.

May birthstone meaning

The emerald's bright green colour and association with springtime ties in with its symbolic meaning of vitality and new beginnings. Like the ruby, the emerald has long been associated with love. Where rubies are thought to be symbolic of fiery passion, however, emeralds represent faithful relationships and natural connections.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the emerald was also believed to be a symbol of love and truth. It was even thought to be the gemstone of Venus, the goddess of love and hope.

The Ancient Egyptians and Incas even believed that emeralds were a source of eternal life, and throughout the ages, this precious gem has come to represent many other beneficial traits including intuition, wisdom, and great foresight.

For those born in spring, who are lucky enough to call the emerald their birthstone, this gemstone is believed to bring success in new ventures, good health, and clarity. It is thought that emerald jewellery can encourage meditation, reflection, and curiosity.

May birthstone history

Throughout history, emeralds have been revered thanks to their stunning green colour and their supposed spiritual properties. Emerald trade can be traced back at least 6000 years when they were bought and sold in the Ancient markets of Europe and Asia. Since then, emeralds have remained exceedingly popular in jewellery making.

Emeralds have always had connotations with royalty, and through the ages, royal families have favoured the deep green stone. Cleopatra and Catherine the Great both famously adored emeralds, and they've appeared within many sets of royal crown jewels over the centuries. More recent emerald enthusiasts include Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlene Dietrich. Needless to say, this glamourous gemstone has made its mark in Hollywood history.

Learn more about the history of the emerald gemstone.

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