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Victorian Cutlery Service

Sterling Silver Canteen of Cutlery for Eight Persons - Antique Victorian (1896)

An exceptional, fine and impressive, comprehensive antique English sterling silver Old English pattern canteen of cutlery for eight persons; an addition to our antique flatware sets

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The pieces of this exceptional and comprehensive, straight antique Victorian cutlery set in sterling silver, for eight persons, have been crafted in the Old English pattern.

The anterior surface of each fork handle and the reverse surface of each spoon handle features a pip to the terminal.

This antique Victorian cutlery service consists of 69 pieces:

Basic Service:
8 Table knives
8 Table forks
8 Table / Serving spoons
8 Dessert knives
8 Dessert forks
8 Dessert spoons
8 Teaspoons
Additional pieces:
Pair of gravy spoons
Pair of sauce ladles
Pair of runcible spoons
Pair of mustard spoons
Pair of salt spoons
Caddy spoon
Sugar sifter
Marrow scoop

This cutlery service benefits from a comprehensive selection of serving pieces.

Each piece of this antique flatware set has been crafted by the London silversmith Ackroyd Rhodes of Manoah Rhodes & Sons Ltd in 1896, apart from the table and dessert knives, which are replacements**.

The mustard spoons and sugar sifter retain the original gilding to the bowls.

The replacement Old English pattern, Sheffield silver knives were crafted by John Biggin (subsequently John Biggin Ltd)in 1993.

This antique flatware service is supplied in felt cutlery rolls; which not only protect the items in storage but significantly reduce tarnishing.

* "Straight" means all the pieces are made by the same maker in the same year.

** Predominately all antique silver canteens have replacement knives as the originals have not stood the test of time.

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Date: 1896

This antique Victorian cutlery service is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptional quality and in exceptional condition.

Each piece has been professionally polished and is in presentation condition.

Full hallmarks struck to the reverse of each piece are all very clear; the hallmarks are struck deeply due to the exceptional gauge of silver.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this fine and impressive canteen of cutlery.

Table knife 24.3cm/9.6"

Table fork 21cm/8.3"

Table spoon 23cm/9.1"

Dessert knife 21.7cm/8.5"

Dessert fork 17.9cm/7"

Dessert spoon 18.7cm/7.4"

Teaspoon 13.8cm/5.4"

Gravy spoon 30.1cm/11.9"

Sauce ladle 18cm/7.1"

Runcible spoon 14.6cm/5.7"

Mustard spoon 11.7cm/4.6"

Salt spoon 9.6cm/3.8"

Caddy spoon 15.8cm/6.2"

Sugar sifter 14.7cm/5.8"

Marrow scoop 24.6cm/9.7"

93.4 troy ounces/2904g (excluding table and dessert knives)

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