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Silver Flatware Bead Pattern

Sterling Silver Canteen of Cutlery for Eight Persons - Vintage (1976)

An exceptional, fine and impressive vintage Elizabeth II English sterling silver straight Bead pattern canteen of cutlery for eight persons; an addition to our silver flatware sets

SKU C6121


The pieces of this exceptional vintage straight* sterling silver flatware service for eight persons have been crafted in the Bead pattern.

The anterior and posterior surface of each piece of cutlery is embellished with a bead decorated border paralleling the shape of the handle.

The anterior and posterior surface of the coffee spoons retain the original gilding to the bowls.

This silver flatware bead pattern service consists of 87 pieces:

Basic Service:
8 Table knives
8 Table forks
8 Soup spoons
8 Dessert knives
8 Dessert forks
8 Dessert spoons
8 Fish knives
8 Fish forks
8 Teaspoons
8 Coffee spoons
Additional Pieces:
4 Table/serving spoons
Carving knife
Carving fork
Sharpening steel

This impressive canteen of cutlery benefits from an impressive carving set and solid silver fish service.

The pieces of this silver flatware set, including the original knives, have been crafted by the Sheffield silversmiths James Dixon & Sons Ltd in 1976.

The knives are fitted with the original blades and bear the mark 'James Dixon & Sons Ltd, Sheffield'.

This vintage canteen of cutlery is supplied in felt cutlery rolls; which not only protect the items in storage but significantly reduce tarnishing.

* "Straight" means all the pieces are made by the same maker in the same year.

Date: 1976

This vintage flatware set is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptional quality and in exceptional condition.

Each piece has been professionally polished and is in presentation condition.

The bead pattern is very sharp.

Full hallmarks struck to the reverse of each piece, including the blades of the fish service are all very clear; the hallmarks are struck deeply due to the exceptional gauge of silver.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this fine and impressive silver beaded cutlery set.

Table knife 24.7cm/9.7"

Table fork 22.1cm/8.7"

Soup spoon 17.8cm/7"

Dessert knife 21.6cm/8.5"

Dessert fork 18.5cm/7.3"

Dessert spoon 18.2cm/7.2"

Fish knife 22.2cm/8.7"

Fish fork 19.3cm/7.6"

Teaspoon 13.5cm/5.3"

Coffee spoon 12.9cm/5.1"

Serving spoon 22.5cm/8.9"

Carving knife 34.8cm/13.7"

Carving fork 29cm/11.4"

Sharpening steel 34cm/13.4"

138.9 troy ounces/4319g (excluding carving set, table and dessert knives)

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