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Fiddle Thread and Shell Pattern Flatware Set

Sterling Silver Canteen of Cutlery for Six Persons by George Adams - Antique Victorian (1846)

An exceptional, fine and impressive antique English sterling silver straight Fiddle, Thread & Shell pattern flatware service for six persons made by George Adams; an addition to our flatware collection

SKU A8540


The pieces of this exceptional, antique Victorian straight* sterling silver flatware set for six persons have been crafted in the Fiddle, Thread and Shell pattern.

The surface of each handle is embellished with a paralleling thread decorated border accented with a shell design to the terminal and reverse of each bowl.

The anterior surface of each spoon and posterior surface of each fork handle terminal are ornamented with a contemporary bright cut engraved crest of a hawk rousant.

This Fiddle Thread and Shell pattern flatware set consists of 32 pieces:

Basic Service:
6 Table forks
6 Table spoons
6 Dessert forks
6 Dessert spoons
6 Teaspoons
Additional Pieces:
Pair of sugar tongs
Sauce ladle

The fundamental pieces of this service have been crafted by the collectable, renowned silversmith and flatware maker George Adams of Chawner & Co in 1846.

This antique silver service can be purchased with knives if so desired, either a traditional Thread and Shell pattern or Fiddle Thread and Shell pattern can be arranged; for further information please contact Andrew Campbell directly.

This antique flatware service is supplied in felt cutlery rolls; which not only protect the items in storage but significantly reduces tarnishing.

* "Straight" means all the pieces are made by the same maker in the same year.

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Date: 1846

This Fiddle Thread and Shell pattern flatware set is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptional quality and in exceptional presentation condition.

The pattern decoration is very sharp and the bright cut engraved crests are all very crisp.

Full hallmarks struck to the reverse of each piece are all very clear.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this impressive antique silver cutlery set.

Table fork 20.7cm/8.1"

Table spoon 22.5cm/8.9"

Dessert fork 17.4cm/6.9"

Dessert spoon 18.2cm/7.2"

Teaspoon 14.5cm/5.7"

Sugar tongs 14.8cm/5.8"

Sauce ladle 18.2cm/7.2"

72.1 troy ounces/2242g

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