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Rare Sterling Silver Coin Takard

Sterling Silver Quart and a Half Coin Tankard - Antique Victorian (1886)

A magnificent, fine and impressive, rare antique Victorian sterling silver quart and a half coin tankard; an addition to our silver tankard collection

SKU C3956


This magnificent antique Victorian, rare sterling silver coin tankard has a cylindrical rounded form onto three large ball feet.

The body and cover of this antique silver tankard are embellished with a wide variety of British coins* displayed chronologically, each labelled with their represented monarch and date of reign, including:

Body (30)
William I, 1066
William II, 1087
Henry I, 1100
Stephen, 1135
Henry II, 1154
Richard I, 1189
John, 1199
Henry III, 1216
Edward I, 1272
Edward II, 1307
Edward III 1327
Richard II, 1377
Henry IV, 1399
Henry V, 1413
Henry VI, 1422
Edward IV, 1461
Richard III, 1483
Henry VII, 1485
Henry VIII, 1509
Edward VI, 1547
Mary, 1553
Elizabeth, 1558
James I, 1603
Charles I, 1625
Commonwealth, 1649
Cromwell, 1653 **
Charles II, 1660
James II, 1685
William & Mary, 1689
William III, 1695
Cover (7)
Anne, 1702
George I, 1714
George II, 1727
George III, 1760
George IV, 1820
William IV, 1830
Victoria, 1837 - Gothic Crown**

The decoration to the body incorporates a plain applied moulded border to the rim.

This Victorian tankard retains the original hinged domed cover ornamented with the aforementioned coins with elucidating inscriptions, in addition to a large and exceptional cast thumbpiece to the posterior portion, realistically modelled in the form of a lion rampant holding a shield.

The shield features the Royal coat of arms for the United Kingdom, displaying quarterly, first and fourth three lions passant guardant in pale armed and langued (for England), second quarter a lion rampant within a double tressure flory-counter-flory (for Scotland), third quarter a harp stringed (for Ireland).

The interior surface of the cover is embellished with the engraved crest of a griffin sergeant; the interior surface of the cover and body are further ornamented with the reverse surface of each coin.

The hinge is decorated with ribbed pendant drop ornamentation to the upper portion of the handpiece.

This antique quart and a half* tankard is fitted with a hallmarked S scroll handle ornamented with an impressive plain heart shaped decorated terminal.

The underside of the tankard features the engraved inscription 'This tankard weighting oz 37. was made to receive 37 coins of English history'.

* This array of British coins unmounted would have a higher value than the represented price.

** The most valuable of the range is the Oliver Cromwell half- crown and the Gothic crown. In 1847 only 8000 Gothic crowns were used and it can be considered to be one of the rarest coins in the world. Cromwell coins, displaying the effigy of Oliver Cromwell, are one of the only British coins to not feature the portrait of a monarch on the obverse. They also utilised a new coin press technique during the Commonwealth, opposed to the hammered coins, with the intention to liming forger; this is evident in the coins detailed features.

*** 1.5 Imperial quart = 3 pints / 1.7 litres

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Date: 1886

This antique, rare sterling silver coin tankard is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptional quality and in exceptional condition.

The cast and applied decoration is very sharp and the engraved heraldic markings and inscriptions are crisp is very crisp.

Full hallmarks struck to the underside of the tankard are all clear; the hallmarks are struck deeply due to the exceptional gauge of silver.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this piece of antique silverware.

Length from back of handle to rim 21cm/8.3"

Diameter 14.5cm/5.7"

Height 24.5cm/9.6"

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39.8 troy ounces/1236g

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