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The History of Tennis Bracelets

There are numerous types of diamond bracelets, but the simplicity and timelessness of tennis bracelets make them many women’s favourite jewellery type. Often likened to eternity rings, these bracelets consist of a simple string of diamonds, usually all of the same size, set in a precious metal.

Traditionally, tennis bracelets are crafted in a silver-toned metal such as white gold or platinum. This hue complements the line of diamonds that runs around the circumference of the piece. However, there are many vintage and antique pieces that incorporate bright gemstones and yellow gold into their design.

The history of tennis bracelets

Where did tennis bracelets get their name?

Although tennis bracelets have existed for much of the 20th Century, their well-known name was only acquired during the 1970s. Originally, they were not related to the game of tennis and weren’t designed with tennis players in mind, however, one player changed that.

During a tennis match between professionals Chris Everett and George Bedewi in 1972 the tennis bracelet’s name was coined. In the middle of the US Open match, Chris Everett’s diamond bracelet came undone and fell off her wrist. Everrett demanded that the game be paused while she relocated the bracelet which was known to be her lucky charm.

From this moment, this style of bracelet became known as the ‘tennis bracelet.’

Not only did the name of the tennis bracelet originate on the court, but this bracelet style has become wildly popular with famous tennis players ever since. Among others, tennis stars Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams have both adorned designer tennis bracelets on the court. In 2002, Serena Williams wore an impressive $29,000 Harry Winston tennis bracelet to a game.

How to style a tennis bracelet

As tennis bracelets are known for their subtle sparkle, they can be worn on a regular basis. As long as the bracelet is securely fastened, you can wear one day in and day out, even whilst living actively. Naturally, tennis bracelets are not exclusive to the world of the sport, and can be gifted to anyone.

Tennis bracelets are equally appropriate for physical activity as they are for sophisticated evenings out and dinner parties. They can easily be elevated by being paired with a cocktail watch or stacked with multiple other bracelets.

It is important to regularly check that the safety latch is secure, the links are sturdy - meaning that the diamonds will be held securely in place - and that your bracelet is flexible and moves well on your wrist. If it feels flexible and comfortable, it is in significantly less danger of breaking.

Tennis bracelets are one of the most versatile and easy-to-wear pieces of vintage jewellery, suitable for anyone and everyone. Browse our complete selection today.

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