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Silver Whistle

Antique and Vintage Silver Whistles for Sale

Explore our fine collection of antique and vintage silver whistles for sale. Our collection includes sterling silver whistles from many eras including Victorian examples through to more contemporary times; in addition to whistle and baby rattle combination items.

All antique whistle purchases will arrive with a complementary insurance valuation and will include free global shipping.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years’ experience within the antique silver industry, handpicks all silverware for sale.

silver whistles for sale
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Silver Whistle Frequently Asked Questions

Silver possesses inherent antiseptic properties. Early boatswain whistles capitalised on this attribute, in addition to the abundance of other maiden whistles, fob whistles, and ornamental varieties, including larger-sized versions. A significant subset of silver whistles comprised teether whistles, also crafted from silver. The malleability of silver facilitated intricate craftsmanship, appealing particularly to the affluent class.

Furthermore, there arose a practical necessity for employing these whistles beyond mere aesthetics. Women could utilize them to sound alarms, servants could be summoned, and nannies could signal for assistance. The designation "whistles" underscores their function, with silver ones being no exception to this principle.

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