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Victorian Cufflinks

Victorian Cufflinks for Sale

Explore our stunning collection of ladies and gents Victorian cufflinks for sale; including fine cuffs crafted in platinum, white and yellow gold, and adorned with diamonds and gemstones.

All cufflinks at AC Silver include free global shipping and have a 14 day return policy and include gemstone and diamond grading certificates and report cards.

Here at AC Silver we class Victorian jewellery as items produced during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 - 1900).

Victorian Cufflinks for Sale
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Victorian Cufflinks Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, Victorians wore cufflinks. During the Victorian period (1837-1901), under Queen Victoria’s reign, men's fashion became more refined, and accessories such as cufflinks were integral to a gentleman's wardrobe. Initially functional, cufflinks quickly evolved into decorative items that reflected personal style and social standing. The era's industrial innovation and artistic expression led to cufflinks becoming symbols of sophistication and status.

Victorian cufflinks were available in various styles, each reflecting the trends and sensibilities of the time. The most popular styles included:

Gold and Gemstone Cufflinks
Favoured for their opulence, gold cufflinks often featured precious gemstones, symbolising wealth and refinement, making them ideal for formal occasions. Gemstones like tiger’s eye was favoured for prosperity whilst the vibrant carnelian sparked bravery and courage when speaking.

Enamel Cufflinks
Enamel jewellery was popular during the Victorian era, especially following Prince Albert's death in 1861. Queen Victoria's mourning led to a surge in demand for mourning jewellery and the growing demand for black enamel jewellery and cufflinks.

Engraved and Monogrammed Cufflinks
Engraved and monogrammed cufflinks allowed for personalization, showcasing initials, family crests, or meaningful symbols. These custom pieces were not only fashionable but also served as sentimental keepsakes, often passed down through generations.

Novelty Cufflinks
Victorians also appreciated novelty cufflinks, which featured whimsical designs such as animals, sporting motifs, or humorous images. These pieces added a touch of personality and charm to any attire. Essex crystal was a popular method of capturing colourful images of such.

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