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Black Opal Jewellery

Antique and Vintage Black Opal Jewellery for Sale

Explore our fine collection of antique and vintage black opal jewellery for sale. Our collection includes fine black opal rings and earrings, many adorned with diamonds and crafted in gold and platinum.

Black opals are highly appealing due to their mesmerizing play-of-colour against a dark background. Unlike other opals, their deep body tone intensifies the brilliance of their colours, making them rather striking gemstones. These factors contribute to the enduring appeal of black opals in the world of gemstones.

All black opal purchases will arrive gift wrapped with a complementary insurance valuation and will include free global shipping.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years’ experience within the antique jewellery industry, handpicks all vintage and antique black opals for sale.

black opal jewellery for sale
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Black Opal Jewellery Frequently Asked Questions

A black opal is a relatively durable gemstone and can withstand daily wear; evidence of this can be seen with items in our inventory, we have a wide range of antique and vintage pieces which have remained in fine condition. As with all gemstones, if basic care is taken and consideration of removing jewellery when undertaking manual hand work, pieces will remain in excellent condition for many generations.

The setting of a gemstone can also be a factor of condition, a collet setting or wide/multiple claws offer protection to a stone. We recommend annual checks for all antique and vintage jewellery; this helps to ensure the setting hasn’t been compromised during daily wear. AC Silver offers a complimentary service with any item of jewellery purchased.

As long as basic care is taken, black opals can certainly be worn on a daily basis while enjoying a stones scintillating colour and to enhance any outfit.

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