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Butterfly Jewellery

Antique and Vintage Butterfly Jewellery for Sale

Explore our stunning collection of antique and vintage butterfly jewellery for sale. Our collection includes stunning gemstone and diamond butterfly brooches.

All butterfly jewellery purchases will arrive gift wrapped with a complementary insurance valuation and will include free global shipping.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years’ experience within the antique jewellery industry, handpicks all vintage and antique jewellery for sale.

butterfly jewellery for sale
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Butterfly Jewellery Frequently Asked Questions

The symbolism of butterflies can be traced back to the time of Ancient Greece, where butterflies were associated with Psyche, the goddess of the soul, and their fleeting and ephemeral nature represented the transience of life. The symbolism of this gentle creature is fairly universal across cultures and most commonly portrayed with positive sentiments, associated with love, joy, and longevity.

Butterfly jewellery is often thought as a symbol of new life, new beginnings and transformations, evoking the insect’s life cycle from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly ready to spread its wings. Due to this butterfly jewellery often makes a thoughtful gift for those undergoing changes. In Native American cultures the butterfly symbolises hope and rebirth, in a similar way that Christians think of a butterfly as a deceased loved one making butterfly jewellery an often-sentimental gift to remind us of a passed loved one and hope in resurrection.

Butterfly jewellery has been extremely popular over the years. During the Victorian era, which spanned the 19th century, symbolism in jewellery reached its peak. The Victorians used intricate designs and hidden meanings to convey sentiments that were often too taboo to express openly. Butterflies were a popular motif, symbolising transformation, renewal, and the fleeting nature of beauty. Victorians were fascinated with natural history, with scientific displays of pinned butterflies a popular parlour decoration at the time which further found itself into a jewellery trend. In the complex symbolic language of the Victorian era, the butterflies represented humility and the soul, symbolic of the metamorphosis of life and adorned Victorian brooches and pendants.

In modern times, the symbolism of butterfly jewellery has evolved, with people wearing these pieces to celebrate personal growth, resilience, and the beauty found in change. Whether as a nod to ancient traditions or a contemporary expression of self, butterfly jewellery continues to carry profound meanings that transcend time and culture.

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