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Swallow Brooch

Antique and Vintage Swallow Brooches for Sale

Browse our fine collection of antique and vintage swallow brooches for sale. Our collection includes stunning gemstone and diamond brooches.

All bird brooch purchases will arrive gift wrapped with a complementary insurance valuation and will include free global shipping.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years’ experience within the antique industry, handpicks all vintage and antique jewellery for sale.

swallow brooches for sale
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Swallow Brooch Frequently Asked Questions

Swallow brooches, popular throughout history, bear rich symbolic significance. Renowned for embodying love, loyalty, and fidelity due to their monogamous nature, these migratory birds also represent hope, renewal, and good luck, given their reliable return each year. In maritime traditions, swallow brooches are linked to sailors, symbolizing the promise of land and a secure homecoming.

The Victorian and Edwardian eras witnessed a surge in the popularity of swallow brooches, contributing to sentimental jewellery pieces exchanged between loved ones. Beyond their symbolic meanings, swallow brooches are valued for their aesthetic appeal, with designers crafting pieces that seamlessly blend meaningful symbolism with the graceful forms of these birds.

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