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Snake Jewellery

Antique and Vintage Snake Jewellery for Sale

AC Silver is proud to present an extensive selection of vintage & antique snake jewellery for sale.

Our fine selection features a range of gold snake jewellery, necklaces, rings, brooches and bracelets.

All of our snake jewellery featuring gemstones and/or diamonds are accompanied with an independent gemstone and diamond grading report card and/or certificate.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years experience within the antique industry, handpicks all antique and vintage snake jewellery for sale.

snake jewellery for sale
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Snake Jewellery Frequently Asked Questions

The snake has meant many different things to a multitude of cultures. It was first seen in ancient Egypt, the god Atum creator and ‘finisher’ or the world was often depicted as a snake, and said when the world was destroyed he would revert to his snake form. From this the serpent has since been associated with both rebirth and eternity.

In America the symbol for medicine depicts the rod of Asclepius which dates back to the mythos of ancient Greece. Asclepius was said to use non-venomous snakes in his healing rites, so the serpent and the rod came to represent him. The snake here symbolises healing due to its ability to shed its skin and start anew.

From the Chinese Zodiac the Snake is symbolic for wisdom, philosophy, and creative determination. Serpents frequently appear in Chinese mythology –not as normal creatures– but mythical and fantastic beings, even divinity. Chinese dragons are also very ophidian in appearance.

Through all cultures the snake shares the meaning of intellect, love, healing, balance and eternity. Even in the biblical story of Adam and Eve the snake represents forbidden knowledge, despite even the negative connotations in that, especially given the Victorian era conservative social norms, the snake was still a ubiquitous design.

It is possible that the upper class, who placed great emphasis on history and heritage, knew the symbolism of the snake. With the influx of trading bringing all sorts of exotic and unusual products to Britain it would not be unrealistic to believe the knowledge or interest began there. With collectors seeking out decorative, foreign rugs and experimenting with henna, perhaps the mysticism of the snake worked into Victorian culture from that. Either way, snake jewellery remains an icon of the mid and late 1900’s and continues to be present in today’s society.

Snake imagery was popular for romantic jewellery pieces throughout the Victorian era. Queen Victoria herself had an engagement ring that took the form of a snake. For Victoria the snake embodied eternal love, and promised her a true ‘happily ever after’.

The never-ending appearance of the snake symbolised a love that would last forever. Victoria’s international fame and influence saw snake jewellery take off throughout much of the British Empire’s social elite.

A lot of snake rings feature two snakes intertwined around the band. This is representative of two lovers sharing an eternal embrace. The snake ring remained popular for a long time, with examples existing even from as recently the 1960s. They were an especially popular antique ring design among Edwardian gentlemen, however. Similar to signet rings, antique snake rings were commonly passed down from fathers to sons for generations.

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