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Monteith Bowl

Antique and Vintage Silver Monteith Bowls for Sale

At AC Silver we are proud to be able to offer our customers a collection of vintage and antique silver Monteith bowls for sale.

Andrew Campbell hand picks all vintage and antique silver bowls in the AC Silver inventory, only the finest examples of their type are added. Our collection also includes bowls in the Monteith bowl style in addition to original Monteith bowls.

All of the bowls at AC Silver come with free and insured worldwide shipping and a 14 day return policy.

Browse our fine collection of vintage and antique silver bowls for sale at AC Silver.

monteith bowls for sale
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Monteith Bowl Frequently Asked Questions

The name Monteith is derived from the name 'Monsiur Monteigh', he was a Scottish gentleman known for singing in taverns; for his large character; and for his unconventional cloak (which had a U, U , U shaped design at the bottom). Monteith bowls were originally created with a shaped or notched upper rim, similar to his cloak. The emarginated rim allowed for a punch ladle, tall glasses, or lemon strainers to be held by the bowl.

The Monteith bowl has long been considered a bold statement piece and is perhaps one of the oldest recorded items of silver produced. This item originated circa 1680 and was originally used to keep glasses cold- being filled with ice water to maintain the chilled temperature. Examples would usually be crafted with a removable scalloped rim. As high society evolved and upper class social events began to thrive, these items became a necessity and were used at buffets and before dinners. Soon after, in order to give the Monteith bowl a dual use, a detachable collar was added to their design. This meant that the base still kept its original use (cooling glasses) and the new detachable rim was used for serving punch.

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