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Owl Silverware

Antique and Vintage Owl Silverware for Sale

During the Victorian era, sitting down to a dinner table often meant encountering a lively menagerie of animals. It was fashionable then to craft condiments and tableware into charmingly eccentric yet lifelike animal forms including owls.

Owl-themed silverware is the perfect choice for those with an affinity for the birds themselves or a enthusiasm for nature and whimsical pieces.

The symbol of the owl differs in many cultures with the most prevalent symbolism being wisdom; this pertains from Greek mythology where the owl was associated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Furthermore, due to being known as birds with heightened senses, with their ability to navigate through the night, they are also associated with intuition and insight; providing the association of them bearing deep understanding into hidden aspects.

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owl silverware for sale
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