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Antique and Vintage Flagons for Sale

Explore our stunning collection of antique and vintage flagons for sale. Our collection includes fine examples from many eras including Edwardian and Victorian silver flagons.

AC Silver offer a 14-day return policy, and include a free shipping with all vintage and antique silver flagons.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years’ experience within the antique industry, handpicks all antique silverware, for sale.

Flagons for sale
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Flagons Frequently Asked Questions

A flagon is a pouring vessel with a tall neck. It acquired the name around 1640. It is a vessel that holds a drink of some kind, whether that is ale, wine, or water.

A flagon may be plain, engraved, gilt, or chased. It typically has a single scrolling handle, and a hinged lid, equipped with finial and thumbpiece. The lid of a flagon is often domed or even cushion shaped. The body is often barrel, cylindrical or drum shaped.

A flagon is usually able to hold a volume of 1.1 litres – 2 Imperial Unit. The word ‘flagon’ has also been used to describe volume, e.g. ‘a flagon of wine’. However, it is difficult to discern precisely how much a flagon measurement is. Perhaps it refers to the typical volume of a flagon, in which case it would be the aforementioned 1.1 Litres.

Historically, a flagon was used to serve, and then replenish wine at a dining table. They hold special significance in Christianity; this is because a flagon is often used in communion or the Eucharist. The flagon is used to replenish the wine in a communion cup or chalice.

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