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AC Silver is pleased to offer an impressive collection of antique and vintage eternity rings for sale.

Our fine selection includes both full and half eternity rings - featuring a variety of gemstones or diamonds in a sequence, creating combinations of colours and patterns.

The array of antique eternity rings we offer, include platinum eternity rings, palladium, white gold and yellow gold eternity rings.

All of our eternity rings are supplied with an independent diamond grading report card and include free global shipping.

vintage antique eternity rings

Frequently Asked Questions

Eternity rings are found in half, full or multiple rows of diamonds. Eternity rings will also be located set with gemstones, popular choices include: ruby eternity rings, sapphire eternity rings, and emerald eternity rings.

Symbolising eternal love, eternity rings for women are traditionally gifted as wedding anniversary gifts. Eternity rings can also be given to celebrate any significant event, such as the birth of a child, completion of a significant project, or indeed as a wedding band, rather than the typical plain band.

The tradition of gifting eternity rings dates back to Ancient Egypt, loved ones gifted each other rings crafted from rope to symbolise their strong bonds and commitment to one another. Although these eternity rings were not made with precious metals and gemstones, they were the beginnings of the giving of such gifts.

A symbol of never-ending love, eternity rings are traditionally given by a husband to his wife as a gift to commemorate their wedding anniversary. Though they can also be used to celebrate the birth of a child, or on any occasion significant enough for a declaration of love.

Eternity rings are embellished with a circle of gemstones, making them resemble a wedding band. Eternity rings can be traced back almost 4000 years, to the time when the Ancient Egyptians established the tradition by giving rope rings to their loved ones as a symbol of eternal commitment and love. The earliest extant eternity rings are simple circles made of metal, set with various stones either on one half or running the entire circumference of the ring. Some early examples of eternity rings were designed in the form of a snake devouring its own tail – a common symbol representing ‘eternity’ and eternal love.

The full eternity ring features stones around the entire length of the band, ensuring an uninterrupted brilliance whichever way the ring rotates around the finger.

The half eternity ring, however, features a line of stones only on the face of the band. Half eternity rings are usually more affordable, and some women find this type more comfortable to wear. They also have the benefit of being available for minor resizing, where a full eternity does not have that option.

Diamond eternity rings as we know them today got their start from De Beers in the 1960s, who wanted to find a way of utilising smaller diamonds in a time where large solitaire rings were the preferred engagement ring. Marketed towards older, married women, De Beers crafted the excellent advertising line of:

‘She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going.’

Traditionally, eternity rings are given to a woman on a significant wedding anniversary by her spouse. The eternity ring symbolising an everlasting love, it makes sense as an anniversary gift – a celebration of the years of love that have passed as well as looking forward to the years yet to pass.

Perhaps because of their beauty, however, eternity rings have become more and more coveted by people who aren’t approaching a big anniversary. Some people choose to have eternity rings or half eternity rings in place of wedding bands.

Other than bridal jewellery, eternity rings are often purchased as a way to celebrate something wonderful that isn’t related to marriage. News like the expecting of a new addition to the family – such as a child or grandchild – or a new job or promotion are all great reasons to get an eternity ring.

Typically, eternity rings are worn on the ring finger, alongside other bridal rings like engagement rings and wedding bands. If you receive an eternity ring as an anniversary gift, it would be traditional to wear it alongside your other bridal rings.

If you’ve received an eternity ring for a different kind of celebration, however, there are no real rules on which you should wear it on. The dazzling shine of diamonds is a lot for one ring to bear, so it shouldn’t necessarily be worn on the little finger or the thumb; other than that, either hand and any finger is a totally viable option. Due to the nature of their linear construction they are also the perfect rings for stacking; either against other eternity rings or dress rings.

There are no defined rules about how exactly to wear your eternity ring with your wedding band and your engagement ring, so we’ll go over a few options.

Some people insist on wearing their eternity rings at the base of their finger, with their wedding band and engagement ring on top. This is a nice way of spreading out some sparkle, especially if you’re wedding band is plain. Another preference for some is to have their wedding band at the base, with the eternity ring sat between the wedding band and the engagement ring. Keeping your wedding band at the base of your finger is important to some people because of the symbolism the wedding band holds, which is understandable.

Eternity rings are rarely worn on top of both the wedding band and the engagement ring, but you are free to try this style if you think it will suit you and your wearing preferences. Another alternative is wearing your eternity ring on the right-hand ring finger. This is a great idea for people with large stones on their engagement rings, or custom-made engagement ring / wedding ring combinations.

Something that makes eternity rings a very appealing style to a wide array of people is how versatile they are; in a variety of different setting styles. Most often, eternity rings are either channel set or claw set. Channel settings are where the metal of the ring sits above the height of the gemstones, creating a sort of tram-track that has gemstones contained within it; whilst this is seen as a safe and solid setting, the cost is that the light is restricted from the sides.

The claw setting, for example, gets lots of light into the stones, allowing them to refract it and create a dazzling shine. Claw settings are rather self explanatory, with the metal of the ring creating several ‘claws’ that hold the gemstone in place. These eternity rings are very beautiful because their setting allows them to have a clear shape to them, with each stone appearing larger as a result.

Some eternity rings have what is known as a ‘bezel’ or ‘collet’ setting. These settings are unique because the metal of the ring is set right up to the individual gemstone. This setting is typically reserved for different styles of rings, and it’s rare to find a collet set eternity ring.

Certainly, the inclusion of an eternity ring can feel a little unusual to the wearer however, provided the correct size is being worn, it should not feel uncomfortable. The height of an eternity ring’s band is typically larger than the shank of a ring, allowing the piece to accommodate the gemstone settings and can therefore often be temporarily felt between the fingers.

The shape of the diamonds makes a difference, as round cut diamonds are likely to feel more prominent against your skin than baguette cut diamonds. When wearing your eternity ring for the first time, you’re likely to notice that you can feel the stones against the inside of your hand or against the fingers either side of your ring-wearing finger.

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