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Here at AC Silver we have a large collection of vintage and antique hip flasks in sterling silver, from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras, as well as more recent twentieth century pieces.

We are also able to offer an engraving service, should you wish to personalise your purchase with us.

Our range of silver hip flasks includes some truly unique pieces which cannot be found elsewhere. All of our antique and vintage hip flasks are the finest of their type which we have found.

Whether you are searching for a charming gift, or simply wish to purchase a silver hip flask for your own pleasure, we have many styles and sizes of hip flasks to suit all needs.

vintage antique silver hip flasks

Silver hip flasks shouldn’t be cleaned with harsh abrasive cleaners. The chemicals in these products not only tarnish the silver, but can affect the taste of beverages stored in the flask afterwards. Instead, simply rinse out the inside of the flask with plain warm water. Using soapy water with a gentle dish soap is acceptable, but it can be difficult to ensure all soap suds have been rinsed away.

For a more thorough clean, boiling water can be used. Placing a funnel into the neck of the hip flask, boiling water can carefully be poured in to sterilise the interior of the vessel. In most cases, this level of cleaning is not required. Try to ensure your flask does not sit with liquid in it for more than 1-2 days. The metal used to create the hip flask can affect the taste of the alcohol. Nobody wants to sip from their flask only to have a metallic aftertaste linger in their mouth.

Hip flasks have long been the ‘must have’ accessory for distinguished gentlemen. They were originally seen as we recognise them today in the 1700s, used mostly by social elite. Hip flasks were extremely fashionable throughout the Victorian period and even into the mid-20th century. Around the 1920s especially – the start of the American prohibition – hip flasks were a necessity to enjoy drinking without arousing suspicion.

Both men and women made use of hip flasks during the prohibition, although women’s were typically small enough to be tucked into a garter and worn beneath a skirt. The hip flask was considered the appropriate and fashionable way to bring alcohol to a social event. While today, we might think bringing a bottle of bubbly is the polite thing to do, this would be sure to attract strange stares in the early 20th century. Making a big song and dance of carrying alcohol, particularly outside of a speakeasy, was quite the social faux pas.

Keeping your hip flask watertight is essential to ensuring it has a long life. This is especially important for antique hip flasks that have already seen a lot of use. The cork, therefore, should be soaked with liquid so that it is fully expanded. The most effective seal is created when the cork full covers the vessel’s top.

1) Keep fluid in the flask at all times, and keep the flask on its side to ensure the cork remains wet. This fluid shouldn’t always be alcohol to keep the taste from souring. Instead, when the flask isn’t carrying alcohol, fill it up with water so that it keeps its seal intact. It is then recommended that you clean it out thoroughly before making use of it to contain alcohol again.

2) When using the flask to carry alcohol, ensure it is filled to the brim. It might seem counterintuitive to do this, particularly since most bottles perform best when not completely filled. Relying on the cork of a hip flask, however, means it’s best to keep the cork in contact with liquid in some form or another.

Sterling Silver Double Radiator Hip Flask - Antique George V (1928)
Price: GBP £4,950.00
Sterling Silver Combination Sandwich Box and Flask- Antique Victorian (1869)
Price: GBP £1,995.00
Sterling Silver and Crocodile Skin Hip Flask - Antique George V (1925)
Price: GBP £1,865.00
Antique Sterling Silver and Crocodile Skin Hip Flask and Beaker
Price: GBP £1,695.00
American Sterling Silver and Glass Hip Flask - Antique (1897)
Price: GBP £1,495.00
Sterling Silver Hip Flask - Antique George V (1913)
Price: GBP £1,445.00
Sterling Silver and Crocodile Skin Hip Flask - Antique George VI (1938)
Price: GBP £1,395.00
Sterling Silver Hip Flask - Antique George V (1932)
Price: GBP £1,315.00
Sterling Silver Hip Flask - Antique George V (1921)
Price: GBP £1,315.00
Indian Silver Hip Flask with Leather Case - Antique Circa 1910
Price: GBP £1,295.00
Sterling Silver Hip Flask - Antique Edwardian (1905)
Price: GBP £1,145.00

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