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Barker Brothers

The Barker Brothers are one of the oldest firms of silversmiths originating from Birmingham. The Barker Brothers, also known The Barker Ellis Silver Company, was established in 1801.

The business is listed as Barker Brothers in the Post Office Directory of Birmingham from 1871 as Barker Brothers, the company became Barker Brothers Silvermiths Ltd in 1907.

The Barker Brothers enjoyed success during this period, and produced silverware from offices in both Birmingham and Chester, with the items crafted in Chester being created under the supervision of Herbert Edward Barker & Frank Ernest Barker themselves.

During the 1960s The Barker Brothers Silversmiths merged with Ellis & Co., also of Birmingham, and the business went through a period of being a subsidiary to Pentos PLC, eventually returning to private ownership in 1984.

The company maintained premises in London until the mid-1980’s, firmly establishing its reputation for high quality silverware and electroplate goods.

The Barker Brothers were known for producing utilitarian silver, flatware and tableware, and their silverware encompassed many popular styles of the era; such as Queen Anne, Art Deco and Nouveau - no doubt influenced by the silversmiths who joined the company as its reputation grew. Their success is certainly due to their ability to adapt and produce a variation of styles, moving with the popular fashion in silverware at the time.

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