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AC Silver offers a fine collection of aquamarine jewellery, including many pieces featuring diamonds or pearls which enhance the natural elegance of aquamarines.

Our stunning collection includes a range of jewellery types and styles, ranging from statement antique aquamarine earrings through to vintage Art Deco pendants and more.

All of the aquamarine jewellery for sale at AC Silver includes free and insured global shipping.

Andrew Campbell personally hand picks all of the vintage and antique aquamarine jewellery in our inventory. All of which are provided with independent diamond grading report cards and/or certificates.

Learn more about the aquamarine gemstone

antique aquamarine jewellery

The aquamarine has long been considered to be a peaceful stone. In folklore, this dazzling gemstone was thought to bring victory in battles and legal disputes, so many still wear these stones as a talisman of good luck.

There are many other beliefs and legends surrounding March's gemstone. Some believe that aquamarine possesses the power to relieve pain and bring out positive qualities such as friendliness and intellect in the wearer.

The sea blue crystal is also believed to symbolise tranquillity, harmony and clarity.

Throughout history, aquamarine jewellery has been popular due to the beautiful, colourful variety of tones these gemstones can come in. During the 19th century, light green aquamarines were most frequently used in jewellery making. However, today we most often encounter sky blue aquamarine jewellery.

During the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods, aquamarine was particularly popular in jewellery making. Jewellers specialising in Art Nouveau Jewellery style during the late 1800s and the early 1900s rebelled against the strict rules of jewellery making in the Victorian era, and chose to craft pieces inspired by nature and animals, often featuring the gorgeous aquamarine.

40.72ct Aquamarine and 1.82ct Diamond Platinum Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1990
Price: GBP £14,450.00
21.12ct Aquamarine and 5.86ct Diamond, 18ct White Gold Clip on Earrings - Vintage Circa 1980
Price: GBP £14,245.00
34.22 ct Aquamarine and 1.28 ct Diamond, 15 ct White Gold Cocktail Ring - Art Deco - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £13,950.00
9.06ct Aquamarine and 8.25ct Diamond, Platinum Cluster Earrings - Vintage Circa 1970
Price: GBP £13,950.00
Antique 42.88ct Rectangular Cut Aquamarine, Diamond and White Gold Pendant
Price: GBP £13,950.00
22.32ct Aquamarine, 7.62ct Diamond and 18ct Yellow Gold Pendant - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £12,950.00
Vintage 30.09ct Aquamarine and 2.94ct Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold
Price: GBP £12,950.00
Antique 4.73 ct Aquamarine and 0.54 ct Diamond, Seed Pearl Necklace
Price: GBP £12,950.00
25.23ct Aquamarine and 3.40ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £12,045.00
Vintage 33.2 ct Aquamarine, 3.59 ct Diamond and Platinum Pendant
Price: GBP £10,950.00
104.26ct Aquamarine and 18ct Rose Gold Necklace - Antique Circa 1920
Price: GBP £10,950.00
20.50 ct Aquamarine and 2.15 ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £9,950.00
Cushion Cut 71.50ct Aquamarine, Diamond Pendant in Platinum
Price: GBP £9,950.00
45.09ct Aquamarine and 0.96ct Diamond, 18ct White Gold Cocktail Ring - Vintage Circa 1970
Price: GBP £9,845.00
40.35ct Aquamarine and 18ct Yellow Gold Cuff Bangle - Vintage Circa 1980
Price: GBP £8,950.00
43.84 ct Aquamarine, 0.85 ct Diamond and Pearl, Platinum Brooch - Antique Circa 1910
Price: GBP £8,450.00
2.23ct Aquamarine and 2.75ct Diamond, Platinum Earrings - Antique Circa 1930
Price: GBP £7,950.00
13.04ct Aquamarine and 0.20ct Diamond, 18ct Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring - Vintage Circa 1970
Price: GBP £7,950.00
14.35ct Aquamarine and 0.20ct Diamond and 18ct White Gold Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £7,950.00
10.97ct Aquamarine and 1.57ct Topaz, 1.42ct Diamond and Platinum Necklace - Antique Circa 1920
Price: GBP £7,645.00
21.68ct Aquamarine and 0.38ct Diamond, 14ct Yellow Gold Bracelet - Art Deco Style - Vintage Circa 1960
Price: GBP £7,645.00
3.22 ct Diamond and 2.10 ct Aquamarine, Pearl and 18 ct Yellow Gold Pendant/Brooch - Antique Victorian
Price: GBP £7,645.00
3.35ct Aquamarine and 0.82ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Art Deco - Antique Circa 1925
Price: GBP £6,950.00
30.41ct Aquamarine and Pearl, 15ct Yellow Gold Pendant - Antique Circa 1910
Price: GBP £6,950.00

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