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The collection includes stunning vintage and antique sapphire engagement rings, all of which are accompanied with an independent gemstone grading report card and/or certificate.

In addition to blue sapphires this collection also features, alternative colours, set to different metals, yellow gold sapphire rings, platinum sapphire rings, and white gold sapphire rings are available.

Furthermore, there are many styles offered, including Art Deco sapphire rings and Art Nouveau sapphire rings.

antique sapphire rings

While sapphires are largely varying shades of blue, there are alternative colours. Pink sapphire rings are scarcer than their blue counterparts; both are highly valued and sought after. Red being a colour not found as sapphire. A red stone with the same base mineral is a Ruby, which is an alternative variety of corundum.

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Sapphires are traditionally presented as a 45 or 65 year wedding anniversary gift. However, sapphires have become an increasingly popular choice as a gemstone engagement ring. The popularity and publicity of royal couple, Will and Kate have increased interest. Prince William proposed with the engagement ring of his late mother, Princess Diana, to his wife, Kate Middleton in 2011. Since this time, a proposal presenting a sapphire ring has seen a steady increase.

Birthdays are also an excellent opportunity to gift a sapphire. Traditionally, sapphires are the birthstone for September; sapphire jewellery would complete a very special birthday gift to a loved one.

Sapphire engagement rings have been seen as symbols of honesty, sincerity and faithfulness for many years. Sapphires are one of the toughest gemstones, ranked at a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, just after diamonds at number 10. The strength of the gemstone is thought to contribute to the belief that a sapphire engagement ring will keep a marriage strong and healthy. The gem can be treasured for years and passed down through generations, keeping good fortune within marriage.

The gemstone is also linked to protecting the wearer against harm and illness. It was once believed that sapphires could protect against a number of illnesses and ailments. Ancient Egyptians use ground sapphires as a form of eyewash, whilst medical doctors believed wearing a sapphire could treat kidney and respiratory problems. In more recent times the sapphire is thought to protect against envy and bestow good health upon the wearer.

Often, people question the durability of a sapphire gemstone when compared to a diamond. Diamonds are a 10 on the Mohs scale and sapphires come in a close second scoring a 9. This means that they can resist scratching better than most gemstones, making the sapphire an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

A sapphire ring for an engagement isn’t a new phenomenon. In 1796 the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte offered a simple, yet beautiful, diamond and sapphire engagement ring to his first wife, Josephine. The ring itself is an example of a toi et moi ring, with a pear cut sapphire and diamond set in opposing directions to each other; both stones being around 1 carat in size.

Sapphire engagement rings are also popular with celebrities; if you are picking your engagement ring based on popularity, the sapphire is a good choice. Perhaps one of the most famous sapphire engagement rings is the one currently owned by Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. Her sapphire cluster, which was previously Princess Diana’s, consists of a 12 Carat Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by diamonds.

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Sapphires have been cherished for centuries, with origins tracing back to ancient civilizations. The name derives from the Greek word ‘sappherios’ and can be found in a number of countries. Sri Lanka produces the most sapphires each year in the world, with countries like Thailand, the United States, and Australia also sourcing many sapphires.

The gemstone gained popularity in the 1700s, becoming the favoured feature stone in an engagement ring due to their association with romance, fidelity, and protection against envy and harm. Sapphires became prominent in many European royal jewels, with Queen Victoria affirming the popularity when she adorned a sapphire and diamond engagement ring for her betrothal to Prince Albert in 1840.

The sapphire engagement ring trend was revived in the 1980s, when Prince Charles bestowed an iconic cluster engagement ring upon Lady Diana Spencer, who captivated the world with her integrity and charm. Now widely recognised as the most famous engagement ring in history, the 12-carat sapphire engagement ring was passed down to Prince William, who used it in his proposal to the new Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton.

In recent decades the sapphire engagement ring has served as a departure from traditional diamond engagement rings, gaining popularity for their distinct beauty and rich colour. Sapphires offer a range of colours from traditional blue to vibrant yellow and pinks, allowing couples to select a gemstone that resonates with their personal style and symbolism.

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Pink Sapphire RingsPink Sapphire Rings
Yellow Sapphire RingsYellow Sapphire Rings
16.38ct Ceylon Sapphire and 3.36ct Diamond, Platinum Cocktail Ring - Vintage Circa 1980
Price: GBP £49,950.00
7.93ct Sapphire and 1.95ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £25,950.00
Untreated 8.89ct Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring in Platinum
Price: GBP £24,950.00
10.78ct Ceylon Yellow Sapphire Ring with 1.42 ct Diamond in Platinum
Price: GBP £22,950.00
8.50ct Ceylon Sapphire and 1.95ct Diamond, Platinum Cocktail Ring - Antique Circa 1935
Price: GBP £15,345.00
10.50ct Sapphire, 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1940
Price: GBP £15,345.00
Vintage 3.48 ct Madagascar Sapphire and 2.10 ct Diamond Ring in 18 ct White Gold
Price: GBP £14,950.00
4.81ct Sapphire and 1.26ct Diamond, 18ct Yellow Gold Cluster Ring - Antique French Circa 1930
Price: GBP £14,245.00
8.80ct Ceylon Sapphire and 2.68ct Diamond, 18ct White Gold Cocktail Ring - Antique Circa 1935
Price: GBP £14,245.00
4.90ct Burmese Sapphire and 1.39ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Antique French Circa 1935
Price: GBP £12,045.00
5.14ct Ceylon Sapphire and 0.96ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Art Deco - Antique Circa 1930
Price: GBP £11,950.00
Vintage 6.49 ct Sapphire, 5.82 ct Diamond Bracelet and Ring Set in Yellow Gold
Price: GBP £11,950.00
Heart Cut 2.09ct Sapphire and 2.78ct Diamond, 18ct White Gold Cocktail Ring
Price: GBP £11,950.00
1.84ct Burmese Sapphire and 2.35ct Diamond, 18ct White Gold Cluster Ring - Vintage French Circa 1970
Price: GBP £10,950.00
6.25 ct Ceylon Sapphire and 3.75ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Antique Circa 1930
Price: GBP £10,950.00
6.83ct Sapphire and 2.84ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1970
Price: GBP £9,950.00
3.50 ct Ceylon Sapphire and 2.48ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Antique Circa 1935
Price: GBP £8,950.00
1.97ct Sapphire and 4.54ct Diamond, 15ct White Gold Cluster Ring - Vintage Circa 1980
Price: GBP £8,950.00
2.84ct Ceylon Sapphire and 1.04ct Diamond Trilogy Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold
Price: GBP £8,950.00
Antique 2.10ct Sapphire and 2.42ct Diamond, Palladium Jewellery Set
Price: GBP £8,950.00
5.40ct Ceylon Sapphire and 1.45ct Diamond, 18ct White Gold Cluster Ring - Vintage French Circa 1980
Price: GBP £8,745.00
4.34ct Diamond and 1.26ct Sapphire, 0.85ct Ruby and 17ct Yellow Gold Marquise Ring - Antique Victorian
Price: GBP £8,745.00
1.45ct Diamond and 1.58ct Sapphire, Platinum Twist Ring - Antique Circa 1920
Price: GBP £8,745.00
3.15 ct Basaltic Sapphire and Diamond, 15 ct Yellow Gold Five Stone Ring - Antique Circa 1910
Price: GBP £7,950.00

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