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Antique Silver Hip Flask
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Sterling Silver Hip Flask - Antique Edwardian (1905)


A fine and impressive antique Edwardian English sterling silver hip flask; part of our wine and drinks related silverware collection

SKU A5081

This fine antique Edwardian sterling silver hip flask has a rectangular form with rounded corners.

This impressive antique hip flask has a subtly curved form proffering a comfortable fit in the majority of pockets.

The surface of the flask is plain and unembellished.

The hip flask is fitted with a plain domed, hinged bayonet cover.

This flask has been tested for watertightness and is ready for use.

To ensure the flask remains water tight, the cork should be moist and therefore fully expanded to provide an effective seal.

There are two recommended methods to ensure the cork does not dry out and shrink:

Method One: Keep fluid in the flask at all times, and keep the flask on its side to ensure the cork remains wet.

Method Two: Fill the flask to the brim with fluid and close. Leave it like this over night, or 24 hours if possible, before use.

Maker: M Bros

Date: 1905

This antique Edwardian hip flask is a very good gauge of silver, excellent quality and in excellent condition.

The flask has been professionally polished and is in presentation condition.

Full hallmarks struck to the surface of the flask have wear in keeping with age and location.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this piece of Edwardian silverware.

Length 12.7cm/5"

Width 6.8cm/2.7"

Depth 2.3cm/0.9"

3.7 troy ounces/114g

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