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Onyx Jewellery

Antique and Vintage Onyx Jewellery for Sale

Shop our stunning collection of vintage and antique black onyx jewellery for sale at AC Silver. Including many pieces from the Victorian era where the black gemstone was particularly popular.

Onyx is the birthstone for July, making onyx jewellery the perfect gift for those born in the month of July.

All of our onyx jewellery is accompanied with an independent gemstone and diamond grading report card and/or certificate in addition to free, insured, global shipping.

Every vintage and antique piece comes with free, fully-insured global shipping and are covered by a 14 day return policy.

onyx jewellery for sale
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Onyx, as a gemstone, possesses negative connotations in its symbolism. In Arabic, black onyx is referred to as "el jaza," meaning "sadness." This association with melancholy has historically led to beliefs that the stone could bring misfortune and cause bad dreams.

Despite these sombre associations, onyx has been utilized in jewellery design across various cultures. The ancient Romans and Greeks were among the first to appreciate the stone's aesthetic potential, skilfully carving it into intricate cameos. During the Victorian era, onyx gained prominence as a central feature in mourning jewellery, reflecting the period's fascination with commemorating the deceased.

Moreover, in some cultures, onyx is believed to possess protective qualities, warding off negative energy and providing strength during challenging times. Its deep, lustrous appearance continues to captivate artisans and jewellery enthusiasts, making it a timeless choice for both traditional and contemporary designs.

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