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Pearl Cluster Earrings

Antique and Vintage Pearl Cluster Earrings for Sale

Browse our stunning collection of antique and vintage pearl cluster earrings available to purchase, featuring earrings crafted in platinum, white, and yellow gold.

Pearl cluster earrings elegantly adorn the earlobe, featuring a snug fit and a composition of multiple stones or gems intricately grouped to form a captivating cluster, with the central focus being a lustrous pearl.

All pearl cluster earrings come with complimentary insured global shipping and a 14-day return policy, ensuring you have peace of mind for your luxury purchase.

pearl cluster earrings for sale
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Differing from most other stones used in jewellery making, pearls are an organic gem. This means that instead of being sourced within the earth, they are cultivated within living organisms (namely shellfish: salt water oysters and freshwater mussels).

Although pearls were originally only created through natural means, we now have the capacity to make them ourselves- we call these man-made specimens 'cultured pearls' they rely on human intervention to initiate their growing process. Due to the rarity of naturally sourced pearls, cultured pearls have become the predominant type.

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