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1920s Engagement Rings

Diamond and Gemstone 1920s Engagement Rings for Sale

Explore our stunning collection of 1920s diamond and gemstone rings for sale; including rings in a range of cuts and crafted in various precious metals.

All 1920s rings at AC Silver include free global shipping and have a 14 day return policy and include diamond grading certificates and report cards.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years’ experience within the antique jewellery industry, handpicks all 1920s rings for sale.

A date including “circa” reflects an approximation of 10 years to either side of the declared value; thus, an item bearing the date ‘circa 1920’ will be crafted between 1910 - 1930.

1920s engagement rings for sale
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1920s Engagement Rings Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular choice, for those who could afford it, was to have a platinum engagement ring. In previous years, platinum had been too difficult to work into jewellery and too expensive to use in the same quantities which gold had been used for large Victorian jewellery pieces.

Following the First World War, platinum demand was no longer pushed towards military needs, and was once again available for businesses to create products. Platinum’s high melting point made it difficult to work with until the late 1800s, when new tools such as the oxyhydrogen torch made it easier to manipulate the strong metal.

With a metal strong enough to be used in small amounts and hold many gemstones securely available to the wider public, platinum jewellery was the metal of choice for those wanting to sport the dramatic jewellery of the time – engagement ring included.

1920s engagement rings are indeed still very popular today. Jewellery from the Art Deco period is celebrated for its timelessness, which is why even today these designs look modern and cutting-edge.

Whether it’s the appeal of the age of each piece, the level of craftsmanship and quality that went into their creation, or the unique designs that can be found in an era of revolution; engagement rings from the 1920s remain a popular choice today.

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