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Ceylon Sapphire Ring

Antique and Vintage Ceylon Sapphire Rings for Sale

Explore our stunning collection of antique and vintage ceylon sapphire rings for sale; including ceylon sapphire engagement rings in a range of cuts and crafted in various precious metals.

One of the most famous Ceylon sapphire rings has to be currently worn by Catherine, Princess of Wales, who wears the breath-taking oval Ceylon sapphire engagement ring, formerly worn by her late Mother-in-Law, Diana, Princess of Wales. Post royal engagements, the iconic sapphire ring sparked a surge in the demand for the blue gemstone, making them highly sought-after for both engagement and wedding jewellery.

All sapphire rings at AC Silver include free global shipping and have a 14 day return policy and include diamond and gemstone grading certificates and report cards.

ceylon sapphire rings for sale
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Ceylon Sapphire Ring Frequently Asked Questions

A Ceylon sapphire originates from the island nation of Sri Lanka, historically known as Ceylon, these exquisite gemstones boast unparalleled quality, coveted for their impeccable colour, clarity, and brilliance.

Ceylon Sapphires are known for their diverse palette encompassing shades of blue, yellow, pink, orange, green, and purple, Ceylon sapphires captivate fine jewellery aficionados with their spectacular hues. Among them, the blue variants stand out for their vivid tones that rank them among the most esteemed blue sapphires in the world

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