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Ballerina Rings

Antique and Vintage Ballerina Rings for Sale

A ballerina ring, also called a cluster or cocktail ring, features a central stone encircled by smaller stones, resembling a ballerina's tutu. It is known for its intricate design and is often chosen as a statement piece for special occasions.

Our stunning ballerina rings feature a central stone encircled by smaller stones, resembling a ballerina's tutu. Intricately crafted in a variety of luxurious materials and gemstones. The diverse range of ballerina rings at AC Silver offers something to suit every taste and occasion including finding that perfect ballerina engagement ring.

All gemstone and diamond ballerina rings at AC Silver include free global shipping and have a 14 day return policy and include diamond and gemstone grading certificates and report cards.

ballerina rings for sale
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Ballerina Rings Frequently Asked Questions

A ballerina ring a member of the cluster ring family and is the name given to a ring that features a layout involving gemstones – usually diamonds – in a splayed-out pattern, similar to a ballerina’s tutu.

Ballerina rings don’t have the same sense of meaning that inherently romantic engagement and eternity rings do. Instead, they are an ideal gift to give for a special occasion like a birthday.

A ring that carries as much carat weight and as many gemstones as ballerina rings requires seriously strong metal. This is why it’s no surprise that ballerina rings weren’t popular until the 1950s. A mid-century classic, ballerina rings swiftly became popular with luxury jewellery brands like Tiffany & Co. and Boucheron.

Today, ballerina rings are still made, but the vintage examples of the kind are the most popular, partially because of their age, and partially because of the sentimentality of such a quaint jewellery concept.

Although they aren’t explicitly engagement rings, ballerina rings could be used as an engagement ring if it’s to your/ your partners taste. They are large rings, often with different coloured gemstones involved, so make sure they sound like something your significant other would like before you decide to make a purchase.

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