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East to West Rings

Vintage and Antique East to West Style Rings

Explore our fine collection of east west style rings, including many designs that will make the perfect east west engagement ring.

East-to-West ring styles elevate the traditional elegance of classic rings by introducing a signature twist in the arrangement of the feature stone. The feature stone is set horizontally on the axis of the ring, unlike the more traditional north-to-south settings. Antique and vintage east-to west ring styles make perfect unique and non-traditional engagement rings and come in a variety of styles and gemstone arrangements.

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East to West Rings Frequently Asked Questions

An East-to-West ring style, also known as East-West or EW setting, departs from the traditional north-south orientation of classic rings. In this style, the feature stone, typically an elongated cut such as marquise, emerald, rectangle or oval cut, is set horizontally across the ring's setting rather than vertically. More commonly, rings are often North-South orientated, where the gemstone runs from fingertip to hand in a vertical alignment. The East-to-West design positions the feature gemstone to span gracefully from side to side or occasionally on a slight twist.

Elongated shapes are best for east-west settings as they accentuate the distinctive shift in orientation best. For example, a round cut diamond would be an impossible choice to distinguish if it was east-to-west facing or north-to-west facing. The most popular gemstone cuts for East-West ring styles include emerald, oval, rectangular and pear cut. Pear cut is thought of to be the most dramatic choice on account of it’s asymmetry and more obvious orientation.

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