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Silver Teapot Stand

Antique and Vintage Silver Teapot Stands for Sale

Explore our fine collection of antique and vintage silver teapot stands for sale. Our range includes stand alone teapot stands and silver tea services which include a teapot stand as part of the set.

All teapot stand purchases will arrive with a complementary insurance valuation and will include free global shipping.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years’ experience within the antique silver industry, handpicks all silver teaware for sale.

silver teapot stands for sale
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A teapot stand has both a practical and aesthetic use. It acts as a protector between the hot teapot and the surface that it is placed upon. Additionally, it is one of many ornamental additions to antique tea services.

The teapot stand was an integral part of a tea set in the early 1800s. Rarely would a stand have been crafted separately to a set, as a stand-alone item. However, as many antique sets have been split up over the years, it is now possible to buy antique teapot stands as a single item. During the 1800s, the prominent ritual of tea making had led to the invention of many accessories; trays, tea caddies, tea strainers and sugar bowls to name a few.

In order to maintain a cohesive look to the tea table, teapot stands traditionally matched the teapots that were placed upon them. This meant that the teapot stand would be the correct shape, style and design as the teapot in use. It was not common for teapot stands to be sold or made separately from their corresponding teapots. For example, if there was a certain pattern applied to the circumference of the teapot, a matching pattern would likely be found spanning the surface of the matching stand.

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