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1930s Engagement Rings

Diamond and Gemstone 1930s Engagement Rings for Sale

Explore our stunning collection of 1930s diamond and gemstone rings for sale; including rings in a range of cuts and crafted in various precious metals.

All 1930s rings at AC Silver include free global shipping and have a 14 day return policy and include diamond grading certificates and report cards.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years’ experience within the antique jewellery industry, handpicks all 1930s rings for sale.

A date including “circa” reflects an approximation of 10 years to either side of the declared value; thus, an item bearing the date ‘circa 1930’ will be crafted between 1920 - 1940.

1930s Engagement Rings for Sale
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Art Deco rings are popular choice for 1930s engagement rings, due to the use of large central stones and supporting finishes. The bold, geometric style of the time transfigures through the jewellery, making rings at this time look more unique than traditional solitaires.

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1930s Engagement Rings Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently used in the 1920s, platinum continued be heavily favoured throughout the 1930s. Advances in technology allowed for platinum to be a durable yet malleable metal for jewellers to create intricate designs with. White gold was marketed as an affordable alternative but moved into the top spot as the most popular metal towards the end of the decade. Platinum was banned for non-military use during the war, giving way to the rise of white gold and eventually the yellow gold and rose gold designs seen in the 1940s.

Whilst diamonds were definitely consider the jewel of the Art Deco period, use of coloured gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, amethysts and emeralds were still apparent. A huge influence on this was the shift in beauty trends. Hollywood actresses normalised wearing makeup, allowing women’s confidence to grow and put their best face forward. Due to this, many women matched their jewellery to their makeup making coloured gemstones more popular.

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