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Boucheron is a luxury jewellery and watches house that was founded in 1858 by Frédéric Boucheron. It is the oldest jewellery house in Place Vendôme- the hub of luxury jewellery in France. Boucheron is famously located at 26 Place Vendôme. It is said that Frédéric chose this location as it was the sunniest part of the square, and so provided optimal sunlight for sparkling diamonds.

Boucheron won a grand prize for jewellery at Paris’s International Exposition in 1867. This was to commend pieces created in the archaeological revival and Louis XVI styles. Almost a decade later in 1876, the French government presented Frédéric Boucheron with a Legion of Honor award for his jewellery.

Boucheron is renowned worldwide, at one point having premises in France, Saint Petersburg, London and New York. More recently, Boucheron stores have appeared globally in locations such as Japan, Shanghai, Dubai, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Boucheron is known for its bold, creative style. The brand has consistently demonstrated a passion for abstraction, from Art Deco lines to the geometric perfection of other pieces. The gemstones used by Boucheron were always carefully selected for colour and quality. Even rival jewellery houses praised Boucheron’s gemstones as the finest of their type. These stones were then fashioned into unusual fashions worthy of their quality.

The exceptional craftsmanship of Boucheron jewels is famous worldwide. Frédéric Boucheron's parents were clothiers, and as such he had an affinity for the delicacy of materials. He was able to work gemstones with the same suppleness he could fabrics such as lace. Boucheron was particularly skilled at sculpting gold, and using this in his designs. Boucheron was famous for innovative use of unusual materials. For example, Boucheron jewels often feature engraved diamonds, gold encrusted steel and ‘Plique-à –Jour’ enamelwork. Boucheron was in fact the first to do openwork cloisonné enamel.

An iconic symbol of Boucheron is the serpent. This symbolises eternity, and the protective spirit that is at the heart of the business. The brands use of this motif dates back to the 19th century. Here, founder Frédéric Boucheron created a snake necklace for his wife to use as a talisman when she travelled. More recent collections include the ever famous ‘Serpent Boheme’ which cites the snake as the inspiration behind its stunning designs.

Over time, Boucheron has become a firm favourite of many famous clients. Boucheron has provided jewels for numerous royal customers, from the Russian Prince Felix Youssoupoff (who purchased a corsage decorated with 6 detachable diamond bows) to Queen Elizabeth II, who has a varied collection of Boucheron jewels.

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