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Reid & Sons

The firm was established in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1778 by Christian Ker Reid.

Christian Ker Reid worked with his son David Reid initially. They entered their joint mark, with Reid and Son circa 1820.

The first Reid & Sons mark was entered circa 1833, between Christian Ker Reid, and his sons David Reid and Christian Bruce Reid.

After his death in 1834, the business was carried on by his sons William Ker Reid, David Reid and Christian Bruce Reid.

When Christian Bruce Reid retired in 1845 his two brothers were joined by Christian John Reid, the son of David Reid.

The firm, Reid & Sons, was active at 12 Dean Street, 14 Grey Street in 1845, and 41 Grey Street in 1855. All premises based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

In 1858, William Ker Reid left the partnership; the business was thus continued by David and Christian John Reid.

After David Reid’s death in 1868, Christian John Reid continued the business with David Reid Jr, and his sons Thomas Arthur Reid and Walter Cecil Reid.

Later, the business was continued by Thomas Arthur Reid and Walter Cecil Reid in partnership with Francis James Langford at 41 Grey Street and 48 Grainger Street, Newcastle.

Christian Leopold Reid entered in the partnership when Walter Cecil Reid retired.

In 1909 Reid & Sons moved to Gem Buildings, Blackett Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, under the management of Thomas Arthur Reid, Christian Leopold Reid and William Septimus Leete.

In 1930 the firm was converted into a limited liability company under the style of Reid & Sons Ltd.

Then, in 1967 Reid & Sons Ltd became a subsidiary of the Northern Goldsmiths Co Ltd.

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