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18th Century Tankard
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Britannia Standard Silver Quart and a Half Tankard - Antique Queen Anne


A magnificent, fine and impressive antique Queen Anne English Britannia standard silver flat topped quart and a half tankard; an addition to our range of collectable 18th century silverware

SKU A2401

Andrews Silver Insights Discover more about this Queen Anne Britannia silver quart and a half tankard from Andrew Campbell

This magnificent antique Queen Anne Britannia standard silver* quart and a half tankard has a plain tapering cylindrical form onto a spreading collet style foot.

The surface of this 18th century tankard is embellished with an impressive, contemporary engraved strapwork and leaf bordered cartouche incorporating the initials 'NGJ'.

This antique quart and a half tankard** retains the original double stepped flat topped, hallmarked cover surmounted with an impressive volute scrolling thumbpiece.

The cover is further ornamented with a band of tooled decoration to the rim accented with an applied shaped thumbpiece to the anterior edge.

The hinge is decorated with ribbed ornamentation and retains the original pin.

This antique Queen Anne silver tankard is fitted with an S scroll handle ornamented with a hexagonal shaped terminal.

The spreading collet foot is encircled with bands of applied moulded decoration.

This magnificent and rare tankard, crafted by the collectable silversmith Robert Timbrell in 1703, has a fine colour and patination***.

This 18th century tankard consists fully of original components and is probably the finest example of its type you could hope to acquire.

* Britannia Silver - The Britannia silver standard of 958 (95.84% of fine silver), denoted by the icon of the seated Britannia holding an oval shield, was introduced by William III in 1697. This was to indicate the slightly higher standard of silver from sterling silver standard of 925 (92.5% of fine silver).

** 1.5 Imperial quart = 3 pints / 1.7 litres

*** Patination or Patina is a subtle colouration or tarnish which forms on the surface of some metals, produced by oxidation or other chemical processes. A good patina proffers an aesthetically pleasing look.

How to clean antique silver

Maker: Robert Timbrell

Date: 1703

This antique tankard is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptional quality and in exceptional condition.

The tankard is in its original condition and has been hand polished; the details of the tankard can be hand polished further upon request.

Full hallmarks struck to the surface of the body and to the surface of the cover are all very clear; due to the location of the hallmarks the clarity can be considered excellent, in keeping with age.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this piece of Queen Anne silverware.

Length from back of handle to rim 20.1cm/7.9"

Diameter of rim 12.3cm/4.8"

Diameter of base 14.1cm/5.6"

Height to top of thumbpiece 19.6cm/7.7"

29.8 troy ounces/927g

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