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Here at AC silver we have a wonderful selection of compact mirrors to offer our customers.

These pieces are delicate, and evocative of a glamourous bygone era. Antique compact mirrors make the perfect gift, and feature beautiful details such as gemstones and enamel decoration.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years experience within the antique industry, handpicks all vintage and antique compact mirrors for sale.

Antique compact mirrors are a fantastic choice as an item to use every day, or if you are looking for a piece of antique silverware to display.

All of the antique and vintage compact mirrors at AC Silver come with free and insured worldwide shipping and a 14 day return policy.

antique compact mirrors

A compact mirror is a diminutive, portable reflecting surface crafted for individual grooming and the application of makeup. Typically of a size conducive to fitting within a handbag or purse, it offers convenience for users on the move. Characteristically, compact mirrors consist of two articulating panels, with one enclosing the mirror and the other serving as a protective casing. When closed, the compact mirror assumes a condensed and easily transportable form.

Compact mirrors exhibit diversity in terms of shapes, dimensions, and aesthetic designs. Ranging from straightforward and utilitarian to intricate and ornate, these mirrors may feature elaborate patterns, designs, or incorporated lighting mechanisms to enhance visibility in environments with limited light. Primarily employed for swift personal adjustments or assessments of appearance while outside the home, compact mirrors serve as popular accessories for individuals who prioritise maintaining a refined and polished appearance throughout the day.

Compact mirrors are not only convenient, they are also fashion statements. Dating from the early 1900s, compact mirrors have taken on many forms and styles and trends have changed. Initially produced in America, compact mirrors were a way for women to re-apply powder subtly in a time when makeup was not yet widely socially accepted. Jewellers such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co started making the earliest forms of clutch bags, often bejewelled, and perfect for carrying a compact along with a few other things..

Compacts were soon prevalent in much of society, with special examples even being used by covert operatives in the CIA.

Compact mirrors continue to be popular accessories, especially among those who value on-the-go grooming and makeup application. Due to their size they remain convenient as can easily fit into purses, pockets and handbags.

22ct Yellow Gold Toothpick Case/Holder with Mirror - Antique George III (1779)
Price: GBP £9,950.00
14ct Yellow Gold, Enamel and 0.30ct Diamond Compact by Tiffany & Co - Antique Circa 1915
Price: GBP £7,950.00
Antique Enamel Compact and Scent Bottle
Price: GBP £1,895.00
Austrian Sterling Silver and Enamel Compact - Antique Circa 1940
Price: GBP £1,755.00
Sterling Silver and Enamel Compact - Vintage Elizabeth II
Price: GBP £1,425.00
Sterling Silver and Enamel Compact - Antique George V (1927)
Price: GBP £995.00
Sterling Silver and Guilloche Enamel Compact - Antique George VI (1939)
Price: GBP £995.00

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