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Garrard & Co Ltd

The origin of Garrard & Co Ltd can be traced back to 1722, when George Wicks set up his business in Threadneedle Street in London in 1722, and in the same year entered his mark in Goldsmiths’ Hall.

The company moved to Panton Street in London in 1735. Wicks was an accomplished silversmith and goldsmith, providing jewellery and other luxurious items to aristocratic patrons. In fact, in 1735 the firm received its first royal commission from Frederick, Prince of Wales. The firm would later be appointed crown jeweler by Queen Victoria in 1843.

Two apprentices of Wicks purchased the company following Wicks’ retirement in 1760, and then were replaced in 1776 by John Wakelin and William Taylor. After the death of William Taylor in 1792, Robert Garrard became a partner in the company.

In 1802 Robert Garrard took sole control of the firm. His sons Robert Garrard II, James and Sebastian succeeded him in directing the company, trading as R., J. & S. Garrard (or Robert Garrard & Brothers). That was until James’ retirement in 1835, when the company became R & S Garrard. The company stayed in the hands of the Garrard family until the Sebastian Henry Garrard, the great-grandson of Robert Garrard I, died in 1946.

The name Garrard & Company Ltd was registered in 1909. Then in 1911 the company moved to new premises in Albemarle Street in London in 1911.

Garrard blended with The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths company in 1952, and moved to Regent Street.

In 1998, Garrard merged with Asprey, another jewellery firm, to become Asprey & Garrard, moving from Regent Street to New Bond Street. The company demerged in 2002, with Garrard & Co Ltd returning to Albermarle Street. In 2006 Garrard ended its partnership with Asprey when it was acquired by the private equity firm Yucaipa Companies.

In 2007, it was announced that Garrard & Co.’s services as crown jeweler were no longer required- ending 166 years of Garrard’s tenure as the British Crown Jeweller.

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