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Henry Clifford Davis

Henry Clifford David entered his first mark with the Birmingham Assay Office in 1901, and his first with Chester Assay Office in 1910. The firm operated from 121 Vyse Street, Hockley, Birmingham, which appeared at first to look like a residential property; with this street being an avid portion of the Birmingham jewellery quarter and the houses being transformed into workshops and dwellings alike. Upon the expansion of the company the firm relocated to Harford Works, Harford Street, Hockley.

In World War I the company aided the war efforts by manufacturing 'Fuze components and aircraft parts'; at this time the workforce was predominantly female as the able-bodied males were part of the war, and in 1918 there were 190 female employees and 20 males.

The company moved in the early 1930s to 23 Warstone Lane, Hockley, Birmingham, facilitating for a larger manufacturing premises. Upon 1933 the firm was titled H. Clifford David Ltd. Despite its development within the industrial manufacturing of the way, the company became known for staying up to date with current trends and specialising in enamel items, including compacts and dressing table pieces. These continued to be produced until the factories were ceased during World War II, however in 1946 their production continued again despite material shortages - regaining their ability to supply impressive high-quality items once again.

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