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Silver Dartboard Trophy
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Sterling Silver Dartboard Presentation Trophy - Art Deco - Antique George V


An exceptional, fine and impressive, unusual antique George V English sterling silver Art Deco presentation trophy in the form of dartboard; part of our silverware collection

SKU A3389

This exceptional and unusual antique sterling silver trophy has been crafted in the form of a Yorkshire or Kent Doubles dartboard*.

The face of the dartboard clearly depicts the appropriately numbered segments and the wirework spider.

This fine George V trophy is supported by an ebonised wood mount and an Art Deco style angular ebonised wooden base.

The base displays six hallmarked vacant presentation plaques; each plaque may be engraved with a personal inscription if so desired.

The posterior surface of the wooden mount is plain.

* This variation of dart board does not incorporate a triple ring, only the double and bullseye.

"By the late 1920s a standardised dartboard was introduced and remains the most popular dartboard today across the world. However, the 'standard' dartboard (also known as the 'London' or 'Clock' board) was not an overnight success in the UK. Initially it had to compete with other different existing target boards played on in some localities. These have come to be known as 'regional dartboards' and were usually named after their region of origin, for example, the Yorkshire Doubles board, Kent Doubles, the London Fives and the Manchester Board" - Patrick Chaplin PhD (Darts Historian)

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Date: 1934

This unusual antique trophy is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptional quality and in excellent condition.

The trophy has been professionally polished and is in presentation condition.

Full hallmarks struck to the surface of the dartboard and plaques are all very clear.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this example of Art Deco silverware.

Height 43.2cm/17.1"

Diameter of board 31cm/12.2"

Depth of board 2.7cm/1.1"

Length of base 27.6cm/10.8"

Width of base 23.5cm/9.25

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