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Walter & John Barnard

AC Silver are pleased to offer a fine range of antique silver pieces by Walter & John Barnard.

The renowned legacy of the Barnard silverware is known as possibly one of the oldest manufacturing silversmiths in the world. The origin of the business can be traced from Anthony Nelme, circa 1680, to becoming a subsidiary of Padgett & Braham Ltd in 1977; with Water & John Barnard being a component within this history.

  • Anthony Nelme established the business.
  • His son Francic Nelme inherited the business in 1722 and continued till 1739.
  • Thomas Whipham took over the business and upon his death Thomas Whipham jr took partnered with Charles Wright.
  • Thomas Whipham jr retires in 1775 and Charles Write continues the business.
  • In 1786 the business was amalgamated by Henry Chawner, and later was master to Edward Barnard (I).
  • John Emes came into partnership in 1796 and became owner once Chawner retired - keeping Edward Barnard (I) as manager.
  • Upon Emes death in 1808 his widow Rebecca Emes took Edward Barnard (I) as partner.
  • Rebecca withdrew in 1829 and Edward Barnard (I) became the proprietor with his son Edward Barnard (II), John Barnard and William Barnard - trading under the styled name Edward Barnard & Sons.
  • Edward Barnard (I) retired and the firm continued under his sons Edward Barnard (II), John Barnard (I) , William Barnard, Edward Barnard (III), Walter Barnard, John Barnard (II), Michael Barnard, Stanley Barnard and Robert Dubcock.
  • In 1910 the firm was converted into a limited liability company as Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd.
  • Edward Barnard & Sons Limited became a subsidiary of Padgett & Braham Ltd in 1977.

If you are particularly interested in collecting silver pieces by Walter & John Barnard but you can't find a suitable item below, please contact us and we will do our best to help find that perfect piece.

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Walter & John Barnard

  • Registered - Circa 1877

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