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William Hutton & Sons Ltd

William Hutton & Sons Ltd wasn’t always classed as a limited company, pre-1893 the silverware company that became William Hutton & Sons Ltd started life as simply William Hutton in 1800. It was in 1800 when William Hutton established his silverware firm in Birmingham, which later moved to Sheffield in 1832 when it became clear that the firm was well and truly active in the silversmith industry.

After William’s death, the business was continued in the same style by his son William Carr Hutton, the name was subsequently changed to William Hutton & Son. This form of the business was a partnership between William Carr Hutton and his son Herbert Hutton. In 1863, two years before William Carr Hutton died, a showroom in London was opened.

William Carr Hutton died in 1865, and around 1870 Herbert’s older brothers James Edward Hutton and Robert Hutton joined the business, the name was then changed to William Hutton & Sons to match the new circumstances.

It was in 1893 that the business acquired Rupert Favell & Co, a manufacturer silversmith based in London. That same year the company became limited- William Hutton & Sons Ltd.

In 1902 William Hutton & Sons Ltd acquired Creswick & Co, a silverware manufacturers based in Sheffield. With this acquisition William Hutton & Sons Ltd were able to use Creswick & Co’s crossed arrow marks.

In 1930 William Hutton & Sons Ltd became bankrupt- failed as a company. In the same year the firm was then absorbed by James Dixons & Sons.

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