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Russian Wedding Rings

Among the different styles of rings, the Russian wedding ring is an exceedingly popular and unique choice. This style is sometimes referred to as an interlocking ring, or even a triple rolling ring. They are also given the name ‘trinity ring’ for their triad of bands.

A Russian wedding ring features three rings that are all interlocking. Usually, these rings incorporate a white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold ring. Some, however, feature three bands made from a single gold colour.

The Meaning of Russian Wedding Rings

Russian wedding rings are innately religious in their history. The omnipresence of Catholicism in 19th century Russia led to the design of the ring style. The three interlocking bands are representative of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit entities from the Catholic faith. Their union in a single jewellery piece is symbolic of the powers all being balanced together.

These rings were used in early-1800s Russian weddings quite commonly. Using a Russian wedding ring can symbolise one’s own religious leanings. Catholics, particularly those with Russian ancestry, often use the triple-banded ring for this reason. Equally, if someone wants to celebrate Russian culture, this wedding ring is also a good way of representing that meaning.

There are interpretations of this ring style that are not linked to religion, however. For one, the different metal colours are believed to represent friendship, love, and fidelity. Having all three together in the same jewellery piece symbolises the core tenants required for a successful relationship. Equally, some have applied the interpretation of each band symbolising time. The past, the present, and the future are brought together in one jewellery piece.

How to Wear a Russian Wedding Ring

Russian wedding rings look like complex jewellery pieces, and their production requires expert craftsmanship. Wearing them, however, is less complicated. They fold together softly, and can be stacked with other rings easily.

The amount of space taken by a Russian wedding ring is dependent on the width of the bands themselves. Thicker, bolder Russian wedding rings are best worn on their own, allowing them to make a statement. Slimline multi-band wedding rings, however, can be worn with other jewellery pieces. Engagement rings sit well with Russian wedding rings.

The world-renowned luxury jewellery brand, Cartier, designed their own take on the Russian wedding band in the early 20th century. In 1924, they released the Trinity Ring, designed by Jean Cocteau and hallmarked with the brand’s name. These rings are still produced today, designed to be easy to wear with a range of engagement ring styles.

It is a popular decision to gift Russian wedding rings as an anniversary gift. When they are given in this context, they can be worn on any finger. Usually, the recipient already wears a wedding band. Often, they choose to wear the Russian wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand instead. Equally, the original wedding band can be swapped for the romantic Russian band.

Russian Wedding Rings with Diamonds

In the two centuries since the inception of Russian wedding rings, the designs have evolved in several ways. Some Russian wedding rings incorporate diamonds. Usually, diamonds in Russian wedding rings are set in a collet style. This places the diamonds into the metal, creating a secure setting.

Wearing a Russian wedding ring with diamonds follows the same principles as those without stones. This style can be used for engagement rings if it is desired, although they are still more popular as a wedding band. Those wearing engagement rings with diamond bands might prefer their wedding band to also feature a level of diamond accent that is easily achieved by this style.

The Russian wedding ring is a distinctive piece of jewellery that makes for an incredibly romantic gift. It is relatively easy to customise to individual tastes, and its simplicity allows it to compliment anyone. Consider the Russian wedding ring for a different take on the traditional wedding band.

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