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AC Silver is delighted to offer for sale a fine range of vintage and antique silver asparagus servers and tongs.

This refined collection of asparagus tongs and servers features examples from different periods, including the Georgian and Edwardian eras.

Within this category we have included alternative versatile serving tongs we deem suitable to serving asparagus.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years’ experience within the antique industry, handpicks all asparagus servers for sale.

All antique and vintage serving pieces purchased includes free, and fully insured global shipping.

asaragus servers tongs

Asparagus servers and tongs are used at the dining table to allow users to delicately grasp and serve asparagus spears. They are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, often featuring intricate designs or patterns.

Asparagus tongs bear a classic V tong-like design with subtly serrated/undulating terminals, with a raised terminal used to grip asparagus without damaging it. Asparagus servers, however, bear broader and flat terminals, supporting the transfer of multiple spears at once. For more plain examples of asparagus servers, they are designed for use during both the cooking process and serving.

While modern dining may not always involve such specialised utensils, antique asparagus tongs can be collectible items for those interested in kitchenware or historical dining practices.

Asparagus was cultivated and consumed by the Ancient Romans; however it was only introduced to England during the sixteenth century.

Asparagus did not become popular until the early eighteenth century, when it grew a reputation for being an exotic and interesting accompaniment to other dishes. The infamous chef Mrs Beeton even created numerous recipes using asparagus in many ways, such was its prevalence in Victorian England.

The use of utensils such as tongs and servers became popularised in the 18th and 19th centuries, paralleling the highly formalised dining etiquette and decorum, with silver asparagus servers becoming de rigéur at the dinner table during the Victorian era.

These antique silver tongs/servers were often included with comprehensive flatware services and may have included further decorative elements such as engraved and pierced decorated terminals and handles with ornate designs.

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