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At AC Silver, our sterling silver letter openers also double as meat skewers. Some of the examples were originally crafted as meat skewers, but have since been more commonly used as letter openers.

Our selection of antique and vintage silver letter openers features pieces made by expert silversmiths including Paul Storr, Walker & Hall, and Mary Chawner.

Made from fully hallmarked sterling silver, these spectacular items come from a range of periods such as the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years’ experience within the antique industry, handpicks all vintage and antique silver, letter openers for sale.

Every purchase from our silver letter openers category comes with free worldwide shipping, fully insured by AC Silver.

antique silver letter openers

The letter opener, a timeless desk accessory dating back to the 1700s, originated as a tool primarily utilized for opening printing papers before evolving into the familiar and beloved instrument it is today.

While no particular country can claim sole credit for the invention or advocacy of the letter opener, the French have historically been prominent users, demonstrating its usage since its inception.

Functionally, letter openers are elongated, less pointed paper knives explicitly crafted for the purpose of opening letters and other forms of correspondence. Ubiquitous in offices and studies, the letter opener is a seemingly innocuous yet potentially hazardous office implement. Notably, in 1958, during a book signing, a letter opener was thrust into Martin Luther King Jr.'s chest as part of an assassination attempt.

Despite such incidents, letter openers have endured as commonplace tools in the professional lives of many. They have been fashioned in various styles, often featuring decorative handles corresponding to popular pastimes. Animal-themed letter openers, particularly those depicting hunting-related animals, have enjoyed widespread popularity.

At AC Silver, our sterling silver letter openers also serve a dual purpose as meat skewers. While some examples were originally crafted for the latter purpose, they have come to be more commonly employed as letter openers. These exquisite pieces of silverware make splendid vintage and antique gifts suitable for both men and women throughout the year.

A letter opener can make a thoughtful and practical gift for various occasions, particularly when the recipient is likely to appreciate a touch of elegance and functionality. Here are some occasions when gifting a letter opener might be appropriate:

  • Graduation: A letter opener can be a symbolic and practical gift for someone graduating from college or a professional program. It signifies the opening of new chapters and correspondence in their life

  • Job Promotion or New Job:: Celebrate a colleague or friend's career advancement by presenting them with a letter opener. It's a practical addition to their desk accessories and conveys best wishes for success in their new role.

  • Retirement: As a retiree transitions into a new phase of life, a letter opener can be a symbol of the correspondence and leisure they can now enjoy

  • Business Milestones: Presenting a letter opener to a business partner or client on the occasion of a significant milestone, such as the anniversary of a partnership or the completion of a successful project, can be a thoughtful gesture.

  • Corporate Gifts: Letter openers with a touch of sophistication can be ideal corporate gifts, especially during the holiday season or as tokens of appreciation for clients, employees, or business associates.

  • Weddings: A letter opener can be a unique and useful wedding gift, symbolising the opening of the couple's life together and the correspondence they will share as a family.

Set of Six Sterling Silver Meat Skewers by Paul Storr - Antique George III
Price: GBP £7,645.00
Sterling Silver Paper Knife - Antique George V (1913)
Price: GBP £1,755.00
York Sterling Silver Meat Skewer / Letter Opener - Antique Georgian
Price: GBP £1,595.00
Sterling Silver Saw Cucumber Slicer / Letter Opener - Antique George V (1912)
Price: GBP £1,495.00
Sterling Silver Game Skewers/Letter Openers - Antique George V (1932)
Price: GBP £1,425.00
Antique Sterling Silver Letter Opener / Bookmark
Price: GBP £1,395.00
Sterling Silver Meat Skewer/Letter Opener - Antique George IV
Price: GBP £1,315.00
Sterling Silver Meat Skewers / Letter Openers - Antique Victorian (1843)
Price: GBP £1,295.00
Sterling Silver Letter Opener - Vintage (1981)
Price: GBP £1,145.00
Sterling Silver Game Skewers/Letter Openers - Antique George IV
Price: GBP £995.00

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