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Antique Masonic Pendant

0.29ct Diamond, 0.20ct Ruby and Enamel, 12ct Yellow Gold Masonic Pendant / Watch Fob - Antique Circa 1900

A stunning, fine and impressive antique Victorian 0.29ct diamond, 0.20ct ruby and enamel, 12ct yellow gold Masonic pendant / watch fob; part of our diverse Freemasonry jewellery and estate jewelry collections

SKU C4211


This stunning, fine and impressive  antique pendant / watch fob has been crafted in 12ct yellow gold.

The masonic triplet hinged pendant features six individual surfaces, ornamented with enamel and engraved decoration, replicating masonic icons and inscriptions.

The first panel is modelled in the form of a double-headed eagle accented with an impressive feature Old European cut diamond to the centre of the chest.

The hinge is surmounted with a black enamel decorated inverted triangular design bearing the number '32'; this in conjunction with the double-headed eagle denotes a 32nd Degree Freemasonry, also known as Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

The reverse of this panel bears the logo of Shriners International, encompassed with the inscription 'Irem Temple, A.A.O. N.M.S'; the Shriners are formally known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

This panels inscription further incorporates: 'Williamsport Consistory, S.P.R.S, April 26th 1900'.

The central cross shaped panel depicts impressive black and red enamel segments, incorporating a circular motif to one side, depicting a pair of level weighting scales with a dagger and five stars.

The reverse surface of this central piece is accented with the inscription: 'Adoniram Council No 26, R & S M, Oct 27th 1903'; R&SM is otherwise known as Royal and Select Masters.

This commemorative caption encompasses a quatrefoil shaped stylised logo of the Knight Rose Croix, depicting the compass surmounted with a crown, with a cross to the hinge, further embellished with a pelican feeding her young; each icon bears specific symbolism, all of which are distinguishing features of a Knight of this Degree.

The third panel is modelled in the form of a Knights Templar cross.

The interior surface bears blue and white panels, highlighting the Eye of Providence, the Square and Compasses and the Trowel icons.

The wording ornamented to the angular edges and incorporated scrolls denote: 'John Hall Miller, ENT Sept, 4 1884, Lafayette R.A.C.No 163'.

The lower portion is further embellished with 'Lafayette Lodge No 199 F&A.M.'; Free and Accepted Masons is a title given to a lodge, and LaFayette Lodge #199 is a member of the 18th Masonic District of Pennsylvania.

The centre of this panel is embellished with a keystone bearing the initials 'HTWSSTKS' - Hiram, Tyrian, Widow's Son, Sent to King Solomon, in addition to the date 'March 1st, 1886'; these initials are a connection to Royal Arch Masons.

The reverse surface of this pendant is embellished with the emblem of the Knights Templar accented with black, royal blue and red enamel panels outlining a cross and crown laid upon a cross pattée, encircled with a white enamel panel bearing the motto 'In Hoc Signo Vinces'- In this sign thou shalt conquer, all resting upon downward pointing swords in saltire, featuring a red enamel cross to the handpiece.

The applied cross shaped setting is embellished with nine impressive yellow gold claw set round faceted cut rubies, totalling 0.20ct

The central coronet motif is ornamented with five impressive eight cut diamonds, completing the lower border of the design.

The remaining surface of the reverse panel incorporates further masonic emblems, including skull and crossbones, alter and crossing spade and pickaxe, in addition to the inscription: 'Hospitaller Comy 46, May 5th 1886'.

This Victorian tri-fold enamel pendant is suspended from a contemporary 18 ct yellow gold 45.72cm/18" trace chain via an integrated, hinged ring loop attachment.

This antique masonic pendant has been independently tested using state of the art technology (Niton XL2 Analyzer) and verified as 12 carat gold.

The pendant is supplied with an independent diamond grading report card.

Images do not always reflect the true colour and brilliance of gemstones and diamonds. The video however provides a truer representation of the actual colour and showcases each stone.

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This stunning antique masonic pendant / watch fob is exceptional quality, set with impressive rubies displaying fine colour and brilliance.

The supporting antique diamonds displays a fine white colour and brilliance, and the feature stone displays a fine white colour, brilliance and presence.

There are some losses to the enamel to the reverse panel, in keeping with age; this does not affect the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the piece.

The pendant is an exceptional gauge of gold and is in excellent condition.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this fine example of antique Freemasonry jewellery/estate jewelry.

Cut Round Faceted

Content 0.20 carat

Feature Diamond One

Colour G

Clarity SI2

Cut Old European

Content 0.19 carat

Dimensions 3.70mm x 3.68mm x 2.20mm

Supporting Diamonds

Colour (average grades) G

Clarity (average grades) SI2

Cut Eight

Content 0.10 carat

Total Diamond Content

0.29 carat

Length of drop 4.7cm/1.85"

Length of pendant 3.6cm/1.42"

Width of pendant 2.55cm/1"

Height of setting 8.92mm/0.35"

26.21 grams

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