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What Is a Cobbler Shaker?

A Cobbler shaker is an all-in-one cocktail shaker consisting of three parts: a ‘metal tin’, cap and built-in strainer. Typically, with contemporary examples the cap is a set size to allow for a 1oz alcohol measurement to be accurate without the use of another tool, however with regulations not being in place, earlier examples may have a varying size. This three-piece Cobbler shaker was invented in 1884 by Edward J. Hauck, and it is determined that the name was derived from the popular cocktail ‘the Cobbler’ of the era.

Cobbler Shaker Versus Boston Shaker

A Boston shaker uses a metal tin with a second mixing container created in plastic, metal or, more traditionally, glass. This two-part system contains no built-in strainer; a Hawthorne or Julep strainer would be required to complete a cocktail. Whilst this option allows for a faster cocktail and perhaps an easier vessel to clean, there is often the inconvenience of more skills and accessories required in addition to the chance that the glass vessel can break within the sealing and shaking session.

The French/Parisian shaker, has been around for centuries and is gaining momentum in the cocktail bar industry, utilising the best traits from both the Cobbler and Boston shaker. There is still not in-built strainer, however the piece resembles the Cobbler shaker with a metal bottom and cap.

what is a cobbler shaker

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