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Silver Torah Pointer
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Russian Silver Torah Pointer/Yad - Antique Circa 1835


An exceptional, fine and impressive antique Russian silver Torah pointer/yad; an addition to our Judaica silverware collection

SKU C8022

This exceptional antique 19th century Russian silver Torah pointer/yad has a knopped tapering cylindrical form.

The bulbous knops are each plain and unembellished.

The plain tapering handpiece is embellished with applied interlacing designs to the upper portion.

The shaft of this silver Torah pointer has a stranded twist design, to an undulating circular collar style knop.

This lower knop terminates with an impressive hand, with its index finger pointed.

The hallmarks struck to the handpiece of this exceptional silver Torah pointer include:

Silver quality/purity mark: 84 (84 zolotniks*)

City Mark: Moscow, Russia

Maker's mark: ФВ (untraced)

Such original Russian examples are becoming increasingly difficult to locate; due to their formation they do not stand the test of time.

* 84 zolotniki is equivalent to 875/1000 or .875 standard silver

NOTE: The Hebrew word yad (יד) translates to "hand" and is used while reading the Torah. The yad ensures that an impure hand does not touch the fragile parchment; issues also arise when ink does not absorb to the velum and there can be damage to the wording.

Maker: Untraced

This antique yad / torah pointer is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptional quality and in exceptional condition.

The Russian hallmarks to the lower portion of the handpiece are all very clear.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this piece of antique silverware.

Length 22.2cm/8.74"

Width 2.4cm/0.94"

1.6 troy ounces/50.9g

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