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History of the Marrow Scoop

During the 1600s, etiquette at dinner parties was becoming more prominent. Forks began to appear on the dining table to aid people when eating – allowing for a less hands-on approach when eating. However, the fork could only do so much. It was in the 1680s when this problem was remedied with the marrow spoon.

The marrow scoop was created as a utensil used to scoop out the bone marrow, which at the time was a great delicacy. Due to their popularity, they were originally produced in mass quantities from the 17th century onwards.

In terms of their appearance, they had a rounded spoon at one end and then a narrow scoop at the other end. They were always plain in their design; however, the occasional marrow scoop could have a crest on the wider end.

Today, marrow spoons, and marrow scoops can be found in large antique and vintage canteens of cutlery; and are also sold as individual pieces.

marrow spoon
antique marrow spoon
history of the marrow spoon

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